Painting the black to grey.

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Revelations that could blindside god.

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



I'm a catalyst for everything that seems to come to an end

The streets turn into rivers and my reflection leaks out around the bend,

Showing the twists and turns and my ships about to sink

You don't know what to feel about me and I can't even think..


I watch the sun suffocate behind relentless weighing clouds

And speak only in tounges while my vision degrades all around,

I'm watching these buildings as they fold into ash

A climpse to my demise and my faith never lasts,

I can't be a theory of this battlefield infront of me

A patriot for lost souls of a dream i hold so deeply..


This click is bearing it's claws around my neck

Scared to grow up sharing the siloutte of an ancient shipwreck,

Hopelessly filled with promise and trying for the win

Marks and ink flood their souls getting lost before they begin


I watch these kids with nowhere else to turn

With fables of accusation and an eternity to burn,

Mind alteration and a chemical to numb the pain

This isn't a fucking joke,GOD please end this fucking game,

If you're with me here please with some guidence to this free will of mine

If you sent me here for a reason then why is my reason to live to die..



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