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Landing back at the homeland, after some time away

Submitted: July 03, 2008

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Submitted: July 03, 2008



"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just landed in Cairo, thank you for travelling with ........ and hope you had a pleasant flight"


With this call, my suffering of 2.15 hrs of flight came to an end, as we prepped to get off the plane, all passengers were eager for a taste of the homeland; myself I was eager to just get off the damn plane. This had been the worst flight of my life.


It all started when I suddenly found that I had to leave the country I work in, to renew the visa and renter again later on, with one more day valid on the visa and that day being Friday (it was Thursday in the story timeline), I had to make haste to arrange plans to leave the country, so I called up someone I know, who then referred me to another, whom I talked to and then got referred to a third, after all the talking and explaining, I had managed to book a flight out of there on the same day, the flight would leave 11.55 pm, making it the last flight of the day.


So now relieved I was able to secure a ticket and that I’m good to go, I went home prepped a small bag (I was gonna stay a week at most), toke a shower and then went out to dine, went back home, slept for an hour, then woke up, showered, got dressed and started making my way to the airport. There I was appalled by how much ppl there was, massive lines on the counter and in every part of the airport, and here I thought, its night time, definitely gonna be better than morning, and oh man! was I wrong, it turn out the night flight is the worst flight ever, from the quality of passengers getting on board, to the number of plus accommodation the airplanes take, not to mention the luggage, I mean there where ppl having bags that weighed roughly as me (and I am heavy), whole families with gazillion bags, that not going to vacation or travelling (even if for a month); that is a complete transportation of you wardrobe, it was crazy.


Waiting in line, I turned my mp3 player on so I can deafen out the sounds around of fighting and socializing, until after an hour from standing in line I made my way into the counter (did I mentioned I only had 6 ppl before me), and to my luck, the plane got full and I was on standby, that's when I started getting irritated and paranoid I wasn’t gonna make it and I will break my visa curfew; after some talks and explaining how urgent this is, and seems everyone’s case was urgent, the airline ordered another plane be prepped for the same destination, and so things went back to normal and I went on with the proceedings, after 10 min doing everything else, I was finally at the gate, said my goodbyes to my bro and friend, got me a big ass coke from McD, waiting at the boarding gate and got on the corridor, once I came up on near the airplanes door, I was astonished to see different ethnic crew seating the ppl, and I was like, urrmm am I on the right plane, turns out I was, the airline company had so much passengers it actually rented a plane from another airline.


As I entered the plane, I could tell right away, that this won't be a comfy ride, the seats were M sized, while I am an XL individual, got to my seat, barely made myself fit, with one ass cheek out of the chair, and my whole body sitting mostly sideways.


One hour late, we got ready to take off; the whole thing was a mess with ppl having four bags with them and all trying to lodge them in the adjacent baggage compartment, which of course resulted in very funny moments, for me at least. The crew was dumbfounded at how the passengers were acting and clinging on to the bags, in the end they had to drop almost half the luggage ppl had so we can all be seated and ready to fly


The following moments are to painful to remember, so we will skip the horrendous flight, thank god it was a short one, at one moment a passenger was asking a crew member on the whole baggage thing, and they guy told him; simply it should be one bag per person, here everyone has more than 2 (I only had my laptop with me, and that’s only because its not safe to put in the bag)


Oh yeah, the seatbelt didn’t fit, I am big, but that never happened before, one of the smallest planes ever.


As the wheels hit the ground, suddenly a passenger popped up and started to make his way to the restroom; the crew stood there for a sec not comprehending, and then attacked the guy obstructing his path and shouting, telling him to sit his ass down, the guy is fighting back, he needs to go to the bathroom badly, saying that we landed, a crew member was telling the passengers to sit down, it’s still dangerous, and true to his word the plane made an abrupt break and half the passengers knocked their head, or fell.


 In the midst of all that I was laughing so hard, never had I seen stupidity from the ppl flying, or poor handling from the crew (the landing sucked big time), luckily the exit door was next to my seat and so I made my way out fairly quickly, as I stood there for a brief moment to breath in my country's air, pollution struck with a funky smell, that made my nose twitch;

also I had imagined the scenario (overwhelming number of ppl) and had someone wait for me to speed up the process, once that was done in like zip minute, we moved on to the conveyor belt to get our bags, after a whole hour, what I feared came true, the bags were not on this plane (I later got my bags; 2 days later)


And so I went home 5 am in the morning, this had to be one of the longest days ever, if not the most tiring day of my life.


Almost a week into this sudden (thank god for it) vacation, I was able to get my bags, see my friends I left, check up on my family, go the beach, listen to the music, eat our food, feel our ppl; and remember all over again; why I left home in the first place


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