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Dead Space from EA was launched a couple of weeks back, this is one kick ass game, read to find out why

This is a piece i am doing for a PS3 group, thought of posting it here as well

Submitted: October 27, 2008

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Submitted: October 27, 2008



Dead Space; is one of those kick ass games, which you know you will remember for a long period of time. Partially, because it nearly stopped my heart a couple of times, mostly because it is just that, KICK ASS.

Dead Space, follows the story of engineer (yes an engineer, after this game all engineers now kick ass) Isaac Clarke on a mission to the UGS Ishimura for repair, but of course things take a turn to the worse as they crash land on the ship, and are left stranded trying to figure what is going on….When you hear twinkle twinkle, little star playing in the background of a pitch dark and gruesome scenery…you know that something is gravely wrong and sick in this game. And with a cover art like this...just imagine the possibilities

The game takes you straight in action, you are met with bizarre creatures, and I do mean bizarre, they are fucked up, downright creepy, ugly and can scare the shit out of you, if they pop suddenly; and in this title, that will happen quite a number of times.

The graphics are stunning, the lighting is brilliant and drastically helps enhance the mood of playability, soundtrack is matching appropriately with the game pace.

The game play, just kicks ass, you have melee moves with both hand and legs, as well as different varieties of weapons and tools to just help you enjoy the game play more J We also have a couple of mini games for item rewards, one of them being a weird variation of basketball called X-ball…..!

The player is able to upgrade his rig, equipments and weapons in a place called ‘The Bench’ using power nodes, that conveniently you pick it up from what seems to be a PC case, you also get to shop at a store booth for items, suit upgrades and weapons

Did I mention the suits kick ass, they look amazing, gives the feel that you’re a bad ass

The interface with the save points, stores or the bench are all just kool, the menu is an innovative holographic window, a screen displays in front of you and you can continue playing while the windows is still open.

Storyline is simple till it nears the end, and boyaa; a twist and a surprise for the masses

The ending is bound to please everyone, and you can start a new game with all the stuff you had before

Finally, I would just like to add, this was one fun game, and will be definitely revisiting this one again soon

Rating*:  KICKS ASSES (9/10 in laymen words)

*: The word represents the scale of rating from 1 to 10; every red letter is 1 point

Also to be noted the game had a series of comics before game release and now have an anime movie out titled Dead Space: Downfall

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