Egyptians and the Wawa Abba

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Football (soccer for North american ppl) and what it means to us!

Submitted: June 01, 2008

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Submitted: June 01, 2008



oooh egyptianawyy!!

These where some of the many chants that filled the air yesterday, as Wawa Aba\"\" made 70+ million ppl extremely happy as it got scored 4 times in the mighty Cote D'Ivoire ' The Elephants' aka ivory cost. in what was an epic match, that not even the most optimist would've thought that outcome could be possible.

From the initial fear of not performing well as this tournament started, to the shocking defeat of the Cameroon in our first game, followed by an even bigger surprise of beating The Elephants in the semi final, only to meet the ego bruised Cameroonians again, for a final showdown, for a proof of dominance.

I myself see that luck has been on our side, plus of course some good play, but we are yet far from being a strong tactical team, we are a skill oriented and we played on the mistakes of our opponents....

To clarify on what this whole things means, for Egyptians, football is among a rare few things that ppl come together for, feel connected, put effort in and also a from of entertainment, if not in my humble opinion the only thing.

At these moments Egypt transcends all, Muslim or Christian, rich or poor, near or far, here or there.....DOM DOOM DOMDOM.... MASR.
A moment were we all connect as true citizens of one country, sadly that happens every 2 years when we play in the ACN
The crowds hit the streets, key streets get blocked and ppl start dancing and chanting... which of course is fun and very very stupid, if you are "god forbid" sick or dieing and happen to be there...well lets just say..RIP. If you r in a hurry to reach a destination, better call in saying ur gonna be late (very late)!

Pyrosol cans become torch blowers, which is dangerous and yet very fun to do...(i enjoy it tremendously). flags sore up high and drums start beating victory beats.

For today we are winners. and Come this next Sunday, we might make history again by winning the title twice in a row and 6 times in total (Cameroon 4)
And all that with a national Coach 'Hassan Shahata', that I'm not truly convinced being all that great and all, but he is well respected and that here goes miles.

For those 70+ mil, praying for the only thing that we Egyptians enjoy is natural, and ur bound to have 1 or 2 of those called (EL Saleheen), those whose prayers get answered
Shahata before the game asked it from the Egyptians, and we the Egyptians delivered and delivered abundantly.

P.S. Hopefully this time we can make the world cup to continue the joy, happiness and unity

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