Facebook ! A new social way of life!

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Facebook, redifines what social life and social networking means

Submitted: August 12, 2008

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Submitted: August 12, 2008



I log on FB regularly and multiple times a day, and i can't really call my self that active, nor do i have a 1k+ friend list, and still i feel i am spending way to much time on it.

Redefining what the word Social Network means, FaceBook has become the new Hi5 or dare i say the new MySpace!, now its rare to not find someone with a FB account ( i know 2 tech impaired ppl that have no online existence, i mean not even msn!!)

FB started out as a means of getting in touch with older colleagues or lost families through the usage of the info provided by the users and searching its DB for matches, and informing these users that matches were found, which in turn lead to establishing a network that you assign to, then came the groups, for those sharing the same interest; and true to this cause, users did meet long lost friends or unknown family members (true story); amazing you say!?.....u betcha!

FB brought new aspects to the game, with the status field (check my last post on that topic), groups, wall conversations, and most important of all the support of third party applications!
Fb kept some old stuff as well, like the picture and video posting (check my other last post for that as well).

Applications, made life sweet for FB users, ranging from -why did you create such crap- applications like the silly games (night creatures battles and puzzles), and OMG! WTF! applications that are just horrid to mention here (u've been kissed stabbed, the comparisons and all sort of i don't know what stuff, and what's the deal with poke, that is just rude!) to waste time in; to -ah! this is a good one- meaningful applications, like prayer times, quotes / verses.

There were profiles i hated to visit, because of the load time and the sher number of applications installed (some have a 100+ applications), and you have to search for the wall in all that meaningless shit, to discover it is still loading!!!!

But with the new look, things have changed drastically, and that's the thing, the edge FB has; it's ever changing and improving, they added the chat application with a notification window to tell ya who's online of ur friends and what is the latest with ur profile, they just don't want ya to leave that page; now, that is exactly what is happing, the first thing people do when they wake up is open FB; get out of bathroom, open FB; Before you start work, open FB; during work, have FB open and keep it that way; after work, take a last look at the profile b4 you leave; get home, open FB; if not home, use the wireless or your cell phone. When does it all stop!

I myself prefer MySpace, because it has substance, a true network, where you can publish your work, be it music , writings , acting, singing or whatever. All major artists have MySpace profiles, they have presidential debates broadcasted there, opposed to FB, MySpace is all central and connected, you feel there is one guy behind it all (his name is Tom and he's everyone's friend)

As the number of users of FB increases, you got to ask yourself, has Fb become a way of life? Is it just another social network or is it a diabolic scheme to control the world through making everyone connected to FB , staying connected and mind controlling them.......just a thought!

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