Facebook and how ridiculous "The Status" field has become!

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Smthg about Facebook, and how silly it has become, there will be a second part to this..

Submitted: July 26, 2008

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Submitted: July 26, 2008



"Jerkulez is writing this piece of shit post now"....15m ago; this is a sample of the many statuses that we all are familiar with thru Facebook, this particular status resides beside a silly photo on ur profile, a status that thru it u share with the world what ur doing or feeling.

If we take a closer look on the evolution of "The Status", we come to find that ppl on FB used to have one word statuses; "Name is hungry or sleepy"...xm or xh ago, over time ppl became more used to "the Status" field and started writing sentences, back then the "is" was still obligatory and so had users confined in terms of grammar and speech of what they are gonna share with the world, after pleads, countless groups and petitions, finally the Admins in FB gave up and removed "is", which then with a global sigh of relief, ppl revolutionized what "The Status" field has to say. Some ppl still write the is (force of habit!)

Lets examine the contents of the statuses we have; and how different they are than before, for the following experience, all u need is to check someone who started out on FB and their status field, then after some time (months) check out the same statuses and how they are now.
The secret; users just became more used to writing what they feel, and before u know it, ppl are pouring their hearts content over the net (over the status field specifically), following are some examples of how absurd this has become; u will even find full relationships progress disclosed.
"Jack found happiness when he met Jane"...20h ago, "Jack went out with Jody"...12h ago, "Jack slept with Jane and Jody"...2h ago, then Jane starts replying back because Jack is so stupid, "Jane will take her revenge on the pig Jack"...1h ago, Jane pokes Jody, "Jane knows that Jody is a slut"...55m ago, now things start heating up, when Jody comes into play "Jody fucked Jack's brain out"...50m ago, she is just teasing Jane, and then friends of these parties start getting involved, "Stevie thinks Jack is the Shit for screwing with both Jane and Jody"...40m ago, "Marla stands besides her friend Jane against the ho Jody"...30m ago, "Nika, Jody's best friend will scratch Jane's and Marla's face off for calling her girl HO"....28m ago

And the whole friend list of these ppl are viewing these statuses with pleasure and fun, its like a watching a story unfold, a movie of some sort

Then comes the more subtle statuses, u know these that ppl think only a select few will understand like....."MK is saying revenge is best served cold"...1h ago, "Sally agrees that betrayal is hard when from those closest to you"...3h ago, now its just a matter of simple logical deduction and you can pretty much figure out what the scenario is; he played her for a fool until he got his way with her and she is hurt because she trusted him, and so the story goes

Another statuses are those of self preservation and ego inflation, where u either deny smthg that ppl might think or know about u, or boost about smthg ppl don't know....."Jerkulez is a bloody good writer and u know it"....1m ago, or "Jerkulez is the MAN"...a moment ago
"Jerkulez is not afraid of gay ppl"... 11h ago

Last type of statuses and these are my fav, are the random one, where u just say any thing, unrelated, incoherent, unmeaningful except probably for ur self; now these i enjoy because they are funny and show ppl's inner deeper psyche...."Jerkulez is on the flip-side of matters", "Jerry hates shit", "Maya transcends time and space as she navigates thru the fabrics of the mind"
and the one word statuses that say nothing....."Jerkulez has ppffffttt"

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