For her... For she

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

....Ah yes! Valentine....
Although not a big fan of the day, the rituals or the word itself, today i let myself get in touch with my lovey dovey side, my romantic ego; which is something i rarely do or moreover share.

For her, i dedicate these naive simple words....

*while writing this i came to find that a free verse form will liberate my words to describe how i feel, break free from the shackle of meters and rhyme

For her, i owe love
For she made me enough
Laughs not spoken, bonds not broken
A heart that remained
Once was dead, now lives for her

For her, I'll burn the night
For she brings sense into my life
More of the lips i want to drink
Kisses that take my life away
A touch that burns
Flames it shall never die

For her, I am a better man
For she brings out the best i can
To harm and pain i will be
A shield to protect thee
Valentine not one but is 360 days
Where i prove my love in million different ways

For her, I'll do my best
For she is not like the rest
How it seems the rain feels her heart
Or how the wind listens to her every word
That pretty smile that lights my way
Shining so bright like the sun ray
A hi on the phone, that leaves me speechless
A whiff of her hair, renders me a mess
How she misses me, when i miss her more
Even the way she texts, oh so sweet
The way she laughs when i say a joke
Even that stare when i sip on some coke (cola)

For her i am born a new
For she already has my heart
To not go back to days so cold
To this feeling I'll firmly hold
Till we two become one
hopefully marry and have a son :D

And although words are sometimes cheap
Know that these are written with my heart
Mind and soul are now complete
For her, a path for me is set clear
For she is an angel, she is my dear.

*Seems i still fell under the rhyming power despite my efforts to be free

And a happy valentine to all.

Submitted: February 14, 2009

© Copyright 2021 jerkulez. All rights reserved.

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