I love writing!

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I just love writing, and these are the reasons why.

Submitted: February 26, 2009

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Submitted: February 26, 2009



The ravishing thoughts of a once live mind now dead, echoed with the deafening sound of a heart that bleed and as the soul laid down to waste, the mortal coil got set to be erased

You must be thinking, woooh! whats up with the gloomy start dude?

If you are, then continue on to know why, and if not, well just enjoy this all the same :)

Go over these two sentences again, how does it make you feel? is it a poem, or are they just words, maybe it was never intended to be so, but came out never the less as is.....

Still confused, asking what the hell am i yabbering about;

Then sit back for this is a first seat view to the insight of why i sometimes write what i write these things above..

One of the reasons i write, simply is to put a word i like or have been thinking about, onto a page and into a sentence, i would build up a whole story or an article discussing whatever issue, so i can just use that one word (can be more than one), getting the pic now?

If not, well let me try to explain more; can you figure out which word in the above two sentences i like and thus created these two sentences to be a crib for this word? comon give it a try, shouldn't be that hard, at least it's not a bloody story or an article this time :)

I genuinely love to write, i remember my big stupid smile, when i was asked to write the press release for an event the company was holding, how happy i was when it got published the next day in the local newspapers (of course not under my names, but still were my words); and a shout out to that friend who helped me do so.

I undeniably love to write, when i read works for my friends, and feel how beautiful the written word is and how strong, and that i can be a part of that world, and another shout out to all you out there (yes yes you know who) who write and i read for, keep up the good work fellas.

I absolutely love to write, when i read the comments on the stuff i wrote, those words of encouragement and support, friendship and love, proud and envey (goood one) where it all connects, writers and readers alike, a big shout out to those, keep the comments coming guys

I truley love to write, because in my writings i can say whatever and not give a fuck, i can thrash ppl, critise thoughts, fall in lovel or make up a sci-fi; i can thrill ppl, i can make them sleep; and i can alter lives, i just love how words can alter lives.

I evidently love to write, because i challange myself with the game of words, would think up a word and then i would try to build a piece around it, as i have done many times before and as i have done just now in the beggining of this piece

I love to write, simply because i can, i may not be the next Najeeb Mahfouz or Ahmed Rajab, i may not be good at all, but i believe it's something i can do, and if i can then i enjoy it and this one particularly.....well this one i just love.

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