Islam on FaceBook!

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Why religion had to come into social networks

Submitted: August 15, 2008

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Submitted: August 15, 2008



Wars have been waged on Islam for as long as it has emerged, which means only two things, either this is a totally bogus religion, and thus the others take it upon themselves to rid the world of such barbaric, retarded rituals (they say), but if so is the case, there is a lot of stuff out there that really deserves to be opposed (Scientology anyone); Or that this religion is indeed correct and is the last of the celestial religions with the last of the prophet, a religion that ends all that before and begins all after, and thus you have to fight it to preserve the ways of the old, totally understand that it is never easy to let go of smthg you believed in all that time, but come-on it’s been like more than 14 centuries since Islam came out, and yet some of the people out there are convinced it is wrong, tell you what, you don't want to believe this, up to you , our religion says to worship what god in what faith is up to you, but don't go on bashing mine, just because I might be wrong or right!

Which brings me to FB, probably by now you are asking, where does Facebook fit into all of this, Sadly in its groups, and among users who have chosen to wage this war on new fronts, we always had articles, books and digital media, but to be that serious over a social network, means it has become dangerous.

Fuck Islam, is among one of the most debated hated / liked groups on FB, again misconception lead a moron to believe he has every right to bash on it, can't really deny this all be a publicity stint, the things people will do for attention and fame, will disgust, gross and make you outright sick of what they are willing to do in order to achieve that; not the point. Point is he started hating and people started reacting accordingly to this, a few that agreed, another few who had decency and logic, asked the creator of the group to stop his bullshit (Muslims and Christians), and regrettably a majority (Islam loving yet not qualified to reply individuals) that replied with some weird stuff, let me tell ya this...."Dude when you are in a hate group of Islam, saying I'll motherfucking blow you, really doesn't help, or going I’ll kill you, and your mother and probably the rest of your family and maybe the neighborhood that let an infidel like you live", seriously!! You are being accused of being a barbaric religion and all you came up with is 'Blow' and 'Kill' in your reply, how stupid is that, don't you just think it just a little bit reinforces the whole idea that they already have, one of the funniest i read was, "I’ll hunt ya down in hell and will fuck you up", did he just screw himself to damnation just so he can hunt this low life down!!??

Shamefully, most of these type of comments come from Arabs, being so jealous about your religion is good and all, but more important being able and qualified to reply is what really counts, that's why we are instructed not to debate into religion unless you know what you are talking about (and that is not just reading about it somewhere), i mean Muslims (mostly born Muslims) go through life not fully understanding there religion, yet are capable of dishing out advices to others and take it upon them to defend Islam

Had it been just that group it would have been fine, but no; it doesn't end there, you start having hate the Fuck Islam groups, petitions to stop (delete) the Fuck Islam group, and as repercussion , a million user joins the group and things just gets heated and shoot way out of proportions, and more hate Islam groups appear; a viscous cycle that is never going to end unless it gets broken somehow, be it that FB actually shuts down the group, or people wise up and monitor carefully what they are saying and know they are hurting Islam more than he ever will.

We already have enough useless groups as it is, that cater to nothing at all and those of pornographic nature (yes Arabic sex groups, guaranteed to make you laugh when you read some of the comments on it, and gays tights as well), not to mention political ones, without the need to bring religion into it; I mean for crying out loud, it’s only a Social Network.

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