The Audition

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When i audtioned for the axis of evil tour!

Submitted: June 01, 2008

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Submitted: June 01, 2008



Last Wednesday, i was planning on going to the Axis of Evil\"\" comedy tour show here in Egypt (yah baby). the show was good but i had watched most of it before (damn youtube\"\"), but overall ppl were ecstatic\"\" about the gig, with ppl favouring different performers and all has their own reasons, and what about the Korean kid they picked up through the tour .... half vit half Korean\"\" born in Saudi and raised in Jordan, the dude i mean speaks and sings Arabic\"\" perfect (to perfect to be true maybe created in a genetic lab somewhere), ok whatever...

So they held these auditions for stand ups on that same day, and i knew about that at 11.30 pm the night before when a friend called up with this intel, so i sat down after getting frantically possessed to make the world laugh, sat down came up with 2 page worth of material (some good shit) and even came with new shit while there waiting for my turn, and practiced as i was on my way to the audition place next morning in the car (yah great practice other drivers were .. poor kid his work must be hard making him talk to himself like this), so there i arrived after a lifetime of traffic.

Met there another friend\"\" whom i met in another audition before, we talked we laughed, he went on stage, he killed i went on stage and i killed too (myself that is) , i had planned to, if i bombed in stand up will fall back on my writing, but my editor had to be there to see me flop, there goes my writing career (just starting...)

Man i did everything wrong, got nervous choked\"\" like a monkey on a banana and couldn't let go of that, drew a complete and utter blank, managed to have a couple of sympathy laughs, even the comeback i had planned in case this shit happened went poof;

Man was i pissed at myself, me not funny, that is like the friends episode when Chandler\"\" freaked out when Monica mentioned he wasn't the funniest; NO way!

I am funny(full stop). What doesn't kill me makes me stronger is smthg i truly believe
and Azhar\"\" (from Allah made me funny\"\") told me that dying on stage (felt like that) is a good experience, to make u feel how hard it is , being funny is not enough (i knew that but didn't really knew that), so I'm arranging an open mic to start getting stand ups from Egypt and spread the art and just solely to prove i am god damn ( i mean Allah damn) FUNNY

The ego is bruised and i thought of posting the material up to show ppl i had good shit, but then i calmed down and am gonna work on it more and start some serious practicing, next time is ass whipping time\"\".

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