The reason why? What else, Egyptians of course!

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Why everything is the Egyptians fault!?

Submitted: June 01, 2008

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Submitted: June 01, 2008



The following piece is based on fake, totally untrue, non-occurring circumstances!
As for why i chose this topic to write about?, well what else could it be, Egyptians of course.

Note: Some of these points will only make sense to a native

Things Egyptians are responsible for
-The Tibet problem with China
-The moon landing
-The Eiffel tour
-The statue of liberty
-The oil price crisis
-The 9/11 attack
-That Bush was elected president for the second term
-The tsunami that hit Asia couple of years ago
-Hillary Clinton is still in the race for presidency
-Joey got canceled after 2 seasons
-The war in Iraq
-The Michael Jackson freak show
-South park
-Manchester United declared champions of the premiere league 2 season back to back
-New England Patriots lost the super bowl after an incredible record breaking season
-Diana got killed (that one might actually be true :D)
-Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up
-Angelina Jolie is pregnant again

Things Egyptians are not a part off. But Aliens!
-The driving crisis in the middle east
-The bad perception of Egyptians as labor force
-The pyramids
-Dr. Ahmed Zewail
-Crappy Arabic movies that have the same story line or stolen from foreign ones
-The same ear deafening sense dulling love songs, with no topic but that
-The bread problem with no quality and lines half a km long
-The blood banks with contaminated samples
-The huge numbers of non working grads
-Bogi wi tamtam
-Raaft el-hagaan, the most successful infiltration spy case into Mossad
-The victory of the 6th of October
-Al-Ahly football club
-The unprecedented level of professional corruption, that now they export corruption specialists to those who need them!
-The fuel price waver, that many now just feel like they should die, or better yet he -the one responsible- dies
-The masked democracy that is dictatorship.
-The last 30 years of rulership with the same guy in place.

This list can go on forever for both ways, feel free to add what u think! :)

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