The River and Me....

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I find myself amidst some fog and mist and then it reveals this amazing scenery of a river blue a middle picture green

As i stopped to grab a breath and look around me, i saw that everything was the same;
The world was colored the same, smelled the same, even tasted the same.....

All Grey, I couldn't see anything form the thick forest of fog and mist, i extended my arms, only to get swallowed by the was getting thicker, and the more i stood still, the more engulfed by the clouds i became..i had to move, had to keep going on.....

I then closed my eyes, concentrating on enhancing my hearing, i had to bare the fog, now almost up to me chest....i listen, still listen....i could hear breeze, then i heard water.

Opened my eyes and took one last look, before i started moving out in the direction i thought i heard the water come from; as i washed away the fog from me, i picked up speed, and while still trying to listen to the water, i followed the gust of wind no starting to blow.

I stopped, and again closed my eyes to listen....'It's that direction' i said to myself. I started to move towards the sound again, this time clearly hearing water, a running stream it seems; as i keep on moving, i notice my body doesn't feel heavy like before; 'is the mist growing lighter?' i thought; i kept my course steady and went on...and the suddenly, sun rays hit my eyes, blinded by the sudden exposure to light, i held my hand in front of my eyes for while, trying to slowly welcome light back into me again, i can feel the warmth building in, the feel of sun of my skin and the breeze on my face; slowly i open my eyes...

Breath taken for moments, the view in front me spread vast as vision can reach, wide meadows of green pasture and brown sticks of tree and in the middle, a blue line of water; a painting so simple yet so obsolete, so refreshing and contradicting to what i was in before, i look back and i see green, where has the fog gone?

Not giving it thought, i walk towards the stream, and the more i approached the running water, the bigger that blue line became. In the distance i could make out a figure of an old man waving, was he waving to me? He must, there is no one around but me, so it's got to be me.

Making my way in the direction of the old man, i started to slightly run, i don't know why i did so, but it's that feeling of invigoration, the harder i run, them ore lighter i feel, distance closing in fast, i draw closer to the old man, his face becoming clearer, i can tell he held such a sweet caring smile, finally reaching the old man, i gasp for air..... hmmmph...pooof!

- Hi, where am i?

- Take a deep breath first, Hesham

As i inhale a deep fresh batch of air, i take a closer look at the old man, he had the figure that suggests he was well built when he was young, white silky hair and clear water like blue eyes, you can clearly see the marks of time on his old face, yet it all comes wonderfully to give you serenity unparalleled.

- How do you know my name? Where am i? Who are you?

- I am but an old man, and you are here in my land; he said with a smile

- Why am i here? i don't understand....

- Well let me tell you a story, walk with me.

- Long time ago this river you see here, was just a small stream, its beginning ways far from here, the river vigorous and young, it used to sweep down the shores, unrelenting and uncontrollable, this river used to dash through both mud and stone, setting to reach out its journey's end, but no matter how long the river ran, the path never ended.

The old man stops to look around, i can see a joyful smile as he takes the surroundings around him in, not wishing to interrupt him, i myself try to grasp whatever i can from the beauty around me, in my failed attempts i open my eyes to find the old man looking at me and laughing..

- Wish you could see you face, what were you doing?

- What happened to the river then? i asked, embarrassed to answer his previous question

- Ah yes! well the river started to get weary and tired of aimlessly flowing, and many times thought of giving up and just being a stream, maybe that's what he was always intended to be, nothing more, nothing less; and in the midst of his tired thoughts, he came upon another small stream, that little stream was young and crazy, flowing all around, she sensed the river was sad, approached him and asked, what is wrong river Sir? i am not a river (not yet) i am just a big stream, but a stream still and i have been flowing for a long time looking for my ocean, but i can't find it, and i have grown weary and tired.

- But river Sir, i see you have a lot of riches within you, waiting to flow and its the journey that counts, you get to meet other streams and rivers, like me; and your story is yet to be told.

- 'Maybe it is little one' Said the river, for now i have a path i must choose, and no matter what, i never regret what i have done before, lets move on and i know one day i will meet my ocean, and on my journeys i will make new friends, grow stronger with their support and flow faster.

- Years gone by and the river flows, making friends, choosing paths, loosing way, but always coming back, refusing to be just another stream, the river grow bigger, more stronger, much more richer and he was never along....then one day, the river met the ocean and a thing of beauty it was, you could swear you didn't see anything of the like, for the river has finally reached his goal, reached the end of his journey he has been on so long.

His story now over the old man stood still, closed his eyes, spread his arms and started to laugh
seeing how happy he was, i couldn't help but start laughing myself, as i slowly spread my arms, i rotated around myself, i could now feel it, i could finally feel the place.

After ages of moments, and holding on to breath from the laughter, i raise my hand to the old man and smile back at him, it was my first smile since i came to this place; thank you i thought, and as if he read my mind, he patted my back and looked to me, and i looked back at him, those blue eyes seems familiar to me, i thought to myself, where did i see them before.

- Has this answered your question, why and how?
With gratitude in my eyes, i nodded my head yes, whispering 'thank you, my old man'

As he turns his back and starts moving away, i can only stand there, feeling heavy yet satisfied,
the fog around me started building up, and i was rapidly loosing sight of the scenery in front of me ' Old man, Old man!' but he could not hear me; i can hear the sounds of beeps and my body starts shaking gently....the beeps grow louder and i can hear a female voice saying "wake up Hesham, your gonna be late to work" i open my eyes i look at the alarm beeping next to me and look and her with a smile " was it a good dream" she said; 'It was' i said still half asleep, remembering the dream, i remember calling out at the end 'Old Man, Hey! old man, how did you know all of this? Tell me please'

The old man turns and looks again at me.... 'well! how else silly, I am the River, I am your RIVER''

Submitted: February 26, 2009

© Copyright 2021 jerkulez. All rights reserved.

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