Weak or just being Polite!

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Why ppl act like shit....

Submitted: June 01, 2008

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Submitted: June 01, 2008



I write today in place of a good friend, she feels frustrated regarding this particular issue and would like to vent and i purposed to do that on her behalf, after all its a problem most of us face, and very frequently if not on daily basis.

Am i weak if i decide to address someone properly and give them respect \"\"when normally they are not even worth the time or effort. Don't believe so.

Before anyone jumps to conclusion on me being weak\"\", I'm a 6'2, 300 lbs, box playing (used to play), wrestling trained , american footballer. and for those who argue that its all about heart i got miles and miles of heart and got the scars to prove it. Not to mention a loud voice that pretty much stops ya dead at ur tracks. (i know.. how can someone so great live and never hear about\"\").
So pretty much if i did snap\"\" (i do not get angry..i go from cold to snap) ill probably pile driver\"\" ya (if the body ratios are good) or simply fuck ya up\"\". so don't let me snap, you won't like me when i snap!\"\"
Yet i was lucky that i was brought up in a decent \"\"(more than decent) family that taught me to be a good boy/man. So respect is given out even to those not deserving of it.

Somehow along those troubled times we live, ppl seem to overrate that particular virtue, and its importance is lost to the masses. this in particular is very evident here in Egypt. here is where u can crash into someones car and have the audacity to come out of ur car and start shouting as if ur the wronged one; pretty simple rule we use here, who has the loudest voice must be the one at harm, meaning either if ur decent or weak, that u're at fault.
We've gone to a state of degradation that its almost as if we are dogs barking at each other.
Here is how i play this scenario in my head;
Dog person1: Good woof,
Dog person2: and woof to you 2
Dog person1: woof are u woof?
Dog person2: woof woof! (mode changes)
Dog person1: And the wooooooff! (barking out with increasing volume)
Dog person2: No graaaawll!
Dog person1: Go to wooof, grrrrr!
Dog person2: What di u say you son of a woof!
Dog person1: Woof you u fuck woof!
.......... And so on. and all that is because u re at a higher hierarchy or have a better car, maybe u came to work happy and the other had his wife hold out on him and is cranky, maybe i simply just don't like ya... whatever the reasons might be

Now with kinda of environment its a dog eat dog. eat or get eaten, slap\"\" or get slapped world, and that needs a brutal mofo to deal with it. Selected few choose to remain truthful to their upbringing, remaining polite, giving respect to all, and they do so because a variant of different reasons; some religiously, some are just brought up this way and never learned to be mean. Humans tend to trash\"\" those they think are weak (polite) and increasingly be more meaner and ill mannered, hey if ur not talking back, ill have fun making ur life like hell (classical bully story)

But remember this, if I'm being polite or seem like pushed around, it is cuz i think I'm better than this crap, i always choose the higher ground (there are the weak of course but not the scope here). just keep in mind, those who are quite (the ones that bottle up their frustrations) are those that are likely to unleash such furry its scary. Beware those who are forgiving when they wrath\"\".

This above piece is by the tongue of my friend with some additions by me (mostly the brutal parts in this bit)

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