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Why i work on weekends??

Submitted: June 01, 2008

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Submitted: June 01, 2008



We all work -well! the better 9 out of 10 ppl who actually have to work off to afford their dreams-\"\" we go through life doing smthg most of us dint even like that much, sometimes slave to make end meets or work extra shifts or weekends to get that little smthg u need (sometimes u just have to work weekends to meet deadlines); And ya ya i know, the famous "love what u do till u do what u love" saying that tricks us all in doing smthg that we might come to remotely love after a while but never end up doing what u really love, cuz lets face it, what we love most of the time ain't an easy field to break-in, not ur typical field of work where u graduate from college and start doing it, for example being a prof sports player\"\", i know I wanted to be one (still do and would've been but lost my window); Another is being in a band\"\" and making it big (also want this but maybe I'll just have a band); Other include artistic kinda jobs like writing (doing it) drawing, photography..etc, some (lucky few) actually come to work smthg ordinary that they just happen to love do.
What u need in the above mentioned things u love to do is, talent, a chance (with emphasis on luck) and perseverance (artistic jobs don't pay at first and maybe not at all or not as good), it's sad that some talents go undiscovered cuz the environment was not right, or the circumstances were not adequate, or just plainly not acting about it, if u're good at smthg\"\" try to make it happen and if u want it that bad or love it that much maybe luck will come ur way (that's what happened to me).

If you are not of the ppl who are blessed or have something particular u love to do, They can either be y\"\"our own manger, take the risk and open ur own business, or apply the "love the thing u work" as a best option to be sane and not one day storm the office with an AK47 and blast all you know and don't know for that matter to oblivion (another approach is to simply quit).
Work itself i think -and that's my humble opinion- comes in three stages; First the work (slave) with no monetary compensation phase and that's when u graduate and ur still fit to do above normal physical and mental labour; Secondly comes the mid period, and that's when you work less than you used to and make more money; Lastly\"\" comes the "reaping the fruits of ur labour" phase and this is where the most fun is, here u work even less and make much more money; Provided of course that with each step forward the responsibilities increase, but hey now u get to make big decisions and control ppl (who doesn't like that). Patience not being a big virtue of mine ( i believe the world should always be in a FF\"\" state), i thought to go from phase 1 to 2 i figure like maybe get 3 years under the belt, the whole cycle in 10 max (how optimistic is that.)
Man was that logic flawed, what happens is, u actually start knocking on phase 2's door and take the responsibility part while still doing all ur phase 1 work, so now u have all the shit from b4 plus the new found responsibility\"\". As for the financial upgrade it seems that money and a title don't go hand in hand, u'll get the title now and in a few month (more few month) u'll get the money raise; At least that what seems to happen here in my country (i work in a multinational company), and being an offshore country that gets outsourced we work more time and for less money (but work nagging is for another time)

It all comes down to being able to take risk pursuiting\"\" this illusive thing u love, nothing beats doing what u love\"\" (naturally ur good at) for a job, if not so then at least get a hobby to cope with ur work and maybe u'll just find out smthg u love to do.

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