With Power comes Responsibility (and some fun too)

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Isn't the title the most cliche used one in all superhero movies!!?

Submitted: June 01, 2008

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Submitted: June 01, 2008



A phrase that has been lingering in the back of my head for quite some time now,
ever since i watched "Superhero Movie\"\"", which just happens to be one of those movies that pun superhero movies, mainly Spider-man\"\", and of course, the words of wisdom came up in the film, what will a Spider-man movie be with out that cliche line.

And so it got me thinking, it really does make much sense, with power does comes responsibility (won't use the words great cuz we are just human, not superheroes)

So as i wait to get bitten by a spider so i can have awesome power (Superman\"\" is an alien and Wolverine\"\" is a mutant, Batman\"\" is too dark, Hulk\"\" is stupid, ugly and green, making Spider-man highly probable)
As i was saying in my quest to obtain power by twisted means of fate or accident, i started contemplating about my own powers as they are, then started to think of other ppl powers.

People have a many different powers, and u don't need to be a superhero to have them, ya so ur not jumping building, flying, shooting heat lasers or webs for that matter or having high tech equipments. But for some ppl, it's controlling lives and that i think is kinda awesome and scary.

The smallest form of responsibility comes from within one's own grasp of power. The moment u are aware of such power, is when u become responsible for urself. The power to think, enabling you to decide and plan and do things, the power of choice, to use in wrong or right, the power of speech, to be a ladies man or a politician :), the power of awareness, to know whats ur right and whats the right of others. And this all leads in the end to take care or preserve ur own self

Another form of power is for example, a fathers power, the path in which the upbringings of his child in its initial state is solely dependent on him -and for all the women out there, when i say father i mean the mother as well, probably was better off saying a parent, and so it shall be called so from now on- The "Parent" chooses for their offspring, making choices, they believe are in the best of interest of the kid(s), and of course well know that some of these choices can't always be good or right. But its the power to control lifes

On a bigger scale, comes those with immense power such as presidents or multinational company CEOs, or religious leaders, those with power so great it can moves crowds -even hordes- of ppl to do their bidding, with just simple words. Those same are the ones with the greatest responsibilities of all, namely presidents, and man, lately we've been having bad examples of those who lost their leadership responsibility, and just maintained power, those who got lost in control, they started toying with fates of ppl, due to negligence on their behalf, The ones we should be looking up to, the ones we are willing to fight for, defend and even die for.

Now they don't care about the little things, these little things that make us different, the little things that make us happy and the little things that make us want to forsake it all, to lose identities, to lose faith and to lose hope.

Troubled times are upon us, as more human grow into power and none of the responsabilties, life becomes ruthless and each has to obtain his own power to survive.

Of course by now, some are going ...."what, he didn't mention the power of love, how could he, its the most pure of and beautiful form of power", well duh it's a lame power, reminds me of the care bears, with their silly power of care smile and love, try showing care to a bullet and lets see how that bounces off you body :D

Seriously, the power of love is awesome, i do pretty much like the power of the smile, smile cuz u never know who will smile back, maybe ur next love (although far fetched), just how many hardships we would have avoided if only we loved and cared, cared and loved, take and give upon giving and taking.......

In my humble opinion, the power of love is i believe, surpassed by the power of faith, cuz in all it is contained. The power of love, the love for your deity, love for ur religion, love for ur world, love for humanity. The power of forgiveness, to forgive those that have harmed you and to forgive those that are weak. The power of belief, to uphold what you (of course) believe in. The power of truth, being true to oneself and to others.

So what happens when u have the power but not the morale sense of responsibilities ( or twisted one at that), you go bad, you become corrupt, you range from being evil to a super villain depending on the amount of power u wield and twist, like Lex Luthor\"\"(Superman), The Joker\"\"(Batman), Jafar\"\" (Aladin), Venom\"\"(Spider-man), Lord Voldemort\"\"(Harry Potter).......or some of nowadays presidents.

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