How Lucky Fred Got His Name

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This is a short story about how I named my "son".

Submitted: September 10, 2009

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Submitted: September 10, 2009



The story of this beautiful salt and pepper colored miniature schnauzer began May 2005. I was graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I was also the first in my family to graduate from college so it was even more special and meaningful.
After graduation, we went to Dink and Paula’s (friends of my parents) house to do my gifts. I thanked everyone for what they had given me.
I saw this cute scraggly looking puppy come running clumsily into the crowded living room. I assumed it was Dink and Paula’s until I realized everyone was staring at me, gauging my reaction.
My sky blue eyes sought out my mother. “Is he mine?” I asked, trying not to get too excited yet.
She nodded and I jumped to my feet, rushing over to the puppy and picking him up. “What’s his name?” I asked as my eyes sought out my boyfriend and I cuddled the puppy up against my chin. I laughed when he licked my cheek.
“We’ve been calling him different names so he won’t get used to anything,” my mother replied. “Today we’ve been calling him Fred.”
“I like that name,” I said.
I took him outside to potty and we visited a little while later before loading all my gifts up. I still had not received anything from my boyfriend, not even a card. Needless, to say, I expected at the least, a card.
“What did you get me?” I asked him when we pulled away from the house, expecting something sweet and possibly romantic.
“Nothing,” he replied.
“Nothing at all?” I asked, both surprised and hurt.
“You’re lucky I let you have him,” he replied and started to laugh. “You should name him Lucky.”
I sat in the passenger seat of the silver Dodge truck holding onto my sleeping puppy. I stroked his coarse hair thinking it was time for him to receive his first schnauzer cut. But my thoughts quickly moved on to his name. I kept going back and forth on names until I decided on the perfect name for him. It was both unusual and weird.
“His name is Lucky Fred.”

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