Letter for Danny

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The letter I wrote for Danny trying to help him out. He and two friends were in a car accident. His two friends died and he was in a coma for several weeks and came extremely close to dying but fought back. Now he is spending his days in prison because he is accused of driving the vehicle when witnesses say otherwise. I wrote this letter to the judge while he was deciding on Danny's punishment. I feel Danny is being punished because he lived...or is he?

Submitted: October 12, 2009

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Submitted: October 12, 2009



July 8, 2007
To Whom It May Concern,
The Danny I know is a young man with a life full of dreams to fulfill ahead of him. However, this may not happen because one small error in judgment quickly escalated into a mistake that may cost him all his dreams.
I have known Danny for pretty much all my life; After all, we met in daycare. What I remember from those times is a short, skinny kid who was bright, cheerful, and loved to play.
In elementary school we raced each other from one side of the field to the other, with him winning. Even at that age he was a very positive child, telling me I still did “good” when I was mad I didn’t win.
That positive nature remained with him even in middle school and high school as he was teased good naturedly by all of our friends about his being short—it never seemed to bother him. And as I write this letter, it’s almost like he knew he was going to be tall as he smiled and laughed it off.
As we grew up Danny changed from a boyish prankster into a handsome young man who cared for all. Even with this horrible accident hanging over his head, he hugged me close as I cried and told him I had cancer and later laughed and hugged me when I told him the doctor was wrong. But for those two weeks of hell I had to live thinking I had cancer, he made the effort to drop by and see me and to try to keep me positive and hopeful that everything would be all right. And it did. I’m staying hopeful and positive for him during this time in hope that it will help him through.
I believe the first time I knew Danny wanted to be a firefighter or EMT was the last year or so of high school. But like the rest of us, we try to go on and do what out parents want us to do. After high school, he went on to college for a degree in Citrus. Before finishing with that degree he realized that he was still deeply interested in becoming a firefighter or EMT. He completed Fire School, had a few interviews and that is where his life has stopped.
But before he gets a chance to complete his dream of being a firefighter/EMT, he has this horrible ordeal before him. Please take pity on him. What should be the beginning of a young man’s life and dreams may be the end, depending on your judgment. Please take this letter into consideration as you make your decision.
Danny has the potential to do great things with his life. Please allow him to do so.

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