Contraption of life

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questions I wonder often.....

Submitted: May 19, 2009

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Submitted: May 19, 2009



Can’t but wonder…..
if life is part of some elaborate contraption of emotion and desire,
tainted with the blood and thirst of our fallen brothers,
calling the timid part of our soul crunched in the drenches of our fear and antagonism.
But in all our fear, we still put our human cover to a halt,
 to feel the touch of love and care.
Ever wondered where the candid truth of our beginning and end would be published? The trivial approach to engulf the petit collection of world’s resources to keep our craving to a halt?
Who defines the willingness to comply to the comforts of tomorrow with the exhaustion of today?
We live a cycle of work and play, life and death….
Why are we but a pawn in the frivolous castigation of tomorrow?
Wonder why we kiss the feet of fulfilment with a crown of triviality?
Is your life’s work a fulfilment of your youth’s desire?
I look at life I cant understand what it is all about…what is the answer of  this stale walk towards completion.
We don’t walk in, with all and we walk out with none.
The intermission between it is what we fight for.
Everyday we see the rich drenching the walls of disappointment and despair and,
the poor caressing the floors for a touch of morsel.
The candid chance of success is a free fall with a hope to be caught,
can or cannot be mentioned as the completion of our life.
Glance forward with a want to understand what life is all about you would understand that every human being bets on one truth with the hope that theirs is the one to fight for evolution, religion etc. Sitting in a coffee shop in London and viewing life passing by. I cant but ask why are we all running with the greed for more and for a feeling to last a second more.
The only thing that you would hold onto is the tear of the one you love, the co-operate life will pass a swat of unwanted care. Echoing -----move on we need to carry on. I wonder why we work to our grave don’t we know we will be forgotten faster than the next person?????????? What is your legacy what did you leave behind that touches the follicle of humanity…I always wondered why Gandhi didn’t agree to the lucrative deals of greed but chose the drenches of pain and twilight bliss. Today I faded to conclusion that we are not but a flick away.

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