When the Demons Come

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This was written last fall when I was working at a position I loathed. I tend to vent my feelings through writing as it acts as my therapy. BTW...they still come, I just have reinforced windows and doors which makes it harder for them to get in.

Submitted: June 02, 2015

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Submitted: June 02, 2015



When the Demons Come

I can't seem to see

The silver lining

When the Demons come

When they run amuck

And layer my canvas

With unclean paint

And overwhelm my dreams

So I stray from my fate

When the Demons come

They bring with them pain

Hurt and sadness of which they are to blame

No external factor started this flame

That burns my soul

Throughout their stay

I want no more

Of this existence man made

When the Demons come

They give no name

No introduction or duration of stay

They invade my flesh

They fester - I'm prey

They come for me

No matter the day

I evict them wholly

And lock the door

They creep back inside

They seep through the floor

They squeeze on my heart

Cause my blood to boil

Peel back my skin

Then fry me in oil

When the Demons come

They show no mercy

They hold on tight

With unwavering urgency

I pry and I pray

But the Demons keep coming

Day after day

They come without warning

They fuss and they swear

They reside in my person

They make me feel useless

My permanent perdition




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