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Frankenstein with a twist...

Submitted: November 23, 2009

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Submitted: November 23, 2009



Thankyou for reading this can you please click the 'i like it' button if you do and comment please... i need to know where to go next other wise my ideas will die...


Frankenstein- Elizabeth and Frankenstein get ready for the funeral of Henri de Clerval...


(Elizabeth is sitting near a blazing fireplace. She is in a floor length elegant dress and she is weeping quietly to herself, when suddenly Frankenstein walks in with a tuxedo slung over his arm still on a hanger. He walks over to Elizabeth and helps her up...)

Elizabeth: Thankyou. Why haven't you got dressed yet, Monsieur de clerval's funeral is in under an hour?

Frankenstein: I... I know that my dear, and by the way, you look absolutely stunning! Henri would fll in love with a woman like you in a heartbeat

E: Thankyou Victor, I will hope someone will find me as attractive as you hype me up to be. I' m 21 at the moment and if no-one thinks i am beautiful by the time I hit 30 i will regard myself as a spinster. 

Elizabeth, Elizabeth you will never become a spinster I will marry you if you need...

Incest!!! Yeah i know you would do anything for me...

(Slumps back into chair)

Victor, will you please get dressed the funeral is soon.

Ok then Elizabeth.

(Waits for frankenstein to leave the room)

Finally, I can pay my respects to the man whom i loved, Henri, I will miss you deeply. ( Brings out a brooch, kisses it then quickly puts it back ino her bag)

(voice from cupboard)

Can I come out now Lizzie? (Exits from cupboard in a similar dress to Elizabeth)

E: Yes i think he is gone.

H: ( Dusting her self off. In a 'kiwi' accent) Ok, You can see that he is in love with you but he cannot have you.

E: You really think that? Well sometimes i wish i wasn't his cousin.

H: Well has he got a friend

To Be continued 

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