Thief @ Our House

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Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011




Thief @ our house

By Jessie

I sensed something odd.  I started to call for my mom and dad, but there was no answer.  “Where on earth have they gone to?”  I murmured grumpily.  As my parents should still be at work, I realized to my horror, that it could be burglary.  My body started to tremble and drops of cold sweat trickled down my face.  I tried to calm myself down, “Telephone!”  I shouted hopefully.  I picked up the phone but there was no dial tone at all.  Someone must have deliberately cut off the telephone line.

Suddenly, I heard a sound coming from the kitchen; it was the sound of someone chewing.  I crept to the kitchen and peered through the door crack.  I saw a masked person eating cookies in the kitchen.  “What a stupid burglar!”  I thought to myself.  The window had been locked from the outside.  Just when I was about to call my mom with my mobile phone, I thought of a great idea.  I quickly locked the door so that I could trap the culprit.  The burglar noticed that and rushed towards the door.  He shouted and apologized, but his pleas did not work for me.  My parents arrived soon after I call on mobile phone.  Mom told us to lock all the windows and doors in the house, and to open the kitchen door.  The burglar rushed out of the kitchen and tried to escape, but it was no use, my parents had caught hold of him.  We tied his hands and legs to a chair and ripped off his mask.  We were all flabbergasted when it turned out that it was the kind cleaner whom we had always met at the corridor.  The cleaner apologized weakly and explained that he had no choice but steal from us because he had just lost his job.  He started begging profusely for our forgiveness.

Taking pity on the elderly man, my mom thought for a moment and relented, “you can take some money to buy some food and we will help you find a job.”  The cleaner thanked us gratefully and promised to never steal anything again.

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