Stephen macfadden, Return of the Auror

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(Harry potter based ) Stephen is an Auror returned from being undercover to help in the rescue of harry potters wife Ginny potter who had been taken by the dark lord Valdamir. This is the arrival at the meat packing plant she is supposed to me being kept in the passageways below

Submitted: July 24, 2009

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Submitted: July 24, 2009



Stephen pulled his bike to a stop. Slipping his glasses to the top of his head, they sat in his unruffled dark brown hair as he straddled the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 motor bike he now sat on. Its deep red paint and the chrome shimmered in the street lights as he looked at the house in front of him. A single light shone from a downstairs window as he slipped off his leather gloves; He threw his leg over the carved leather seat and smiled, placing the gloves in the pouch that hung over the back seat. Taking the leather handles in his hands, he began to push it around to the back of the house. So not to disturb any of the other residents; he left it switched off.

Slipping through the back door, the leather saddle bags now slung over his broad shoulders, he moved silently to the kitchen and placed his key on the pristine kitchen work surface. Moving silently up the stairs to a door just to the left of a small window that let in the little trickle of moon light that shone threw. Reaching the door and the brass handle that sat on it he grasped it pushing it open to seeing a double bed with its clean white cotton sheets and pristine white pillows, he smiled for a moment.

“Jacks, you surpassed yourself yet again” he thought thinking of the house elf his mother had sent to keep his place clean while he was away. He moved to the bed, placing the leather bags on it and turning to the bathroom. Touching the cold tiles, his fingers quickly found the light and flicked it on. It was a simple bathroom a shower come bath and all the other necessities you could want. Moving to the mirror that sat above the sink, he rubbed his chin; feeling how rough his skin felt with the stubble that sat there. He hadn’t shaved since leaving the hotel he stayed in; and that was several days ago.

Moving from the mirror he turned to the shower and grasped the steel knob, turning it one way then the other, till the water flowed steaming and hot just as he liked it from the shower head. Reaching back, he pulled a soft white towel from where it hung on the rack, slipping off his shirt he let it drop into a wicker laundry basket that sat on the floor beside the sink and threw the towel over his shoulder. Lathering the shaving soap that had sat on the sink edge, once he had enough he took out of a small black wash bag that sat on a shelf next to the sink a razor, filling the sink with warm water he began to shave, with each stroke he felt his past disappear and with each stroke he regained his identity, soon he smiled looking at a clean shaven but some what steamy refection in the mirror.

Taking out the plug in the sink he turned to the shower, taking off the dark trousers he had worn to travel in and dropping them into the same basket he stepped into the shower feeling the water wash away the road dirt from his brown tanned and well toned skin taking with it the years he had been away and it felt good, retching for the shampoo he ran his fingers threw his brown hair and smiled as he remembered a particular blond doing the same two nights before.

Stepping out he quickly wrapped a towel around his lower half once that was secure he reached for a smaller one to dry his hair. As he moved into the bed room he flicked on the TV there on the screen sat the minister telling everyone about his missing wife and how they would meet at sulphur hills to start a search, moving to the bed he sew his black tee shirt laid out and smile but moves past it to open a draw and pulled out a fresh pair of black tight boxers, quickly drying himself he slips them on , placing the towel in a second basket ready for laundry day, he listened as the announcer on the TV said they had moved to the meat packing plant , in the back ground he caught sight of Harry and Ron Weasley both looking good , Harry seemed preoccupied but who could blame him. Stephen knew all to well what it was like to have some one you cared for disappear , the not knowing was the hardest part.

Moving to the wardrobe he pulled out a pair of dark trousers dressing he listened to the TV and what the announcer was saying only believing half what she said, soon he stood dressed in the black tee shirt, trousers and boots his hair ruffled but as soon smooth as he ran his fingers threw it flattening any stray hairs that might be sticking up. On his left leg sat his wand safely encased in its leather holder, two straps attached it to him, one to his belt the other to his thigh , he kept it like that for easy access encase he should be attacked

Heading down the stairs he grabbed his coat that now hung on the end of the banister and slipped it on, standing for a moment to look at a picture that sat on the shelf under a gold mirror, it was of three children, two boys and a girl, her hair dark compared to the boys blond, her eyes sparkling as if catching the sparkle of a fairies wings.

“I will find out what happened to you Emmanuel “he thought to himself before grasping the handle of the door and stepping once more into the mid morning light , glancing down he saw his bike polished and shining in the sunlight the helmet now resting on the seat as it stood in front of the house. Moving down the steps to it he grasped the helmet in his hand slipping his sun glasses down he slipped his helmet on taking the leather strap and clipping it under his now clean shaven chin, reaching to his pocket he took out the key, it hung on a silver chain at one end sat a delicately carved Celtic cross, placing the key in the ignition he started it up, quickly he threw the throttle and with a skid headed for the packing plant, he preferred this type of transport as it made him feel more grounded , more in control never mind the looks he gets as he passed a pretty woman his back down and the wind blowing his hair back.

He moved down the tight streets weaving in and out the roads, he dodged with ease people who walked, who moved on hearing him coming and carrying on threw the traffic was as if it wasn’t even there. The bike twisting and turning as he rode, down the road which soon changing from tarmac to dirt road, but even that didn’t bother the bike nor he and he carried on.

Then he screeched to a stop sending dirt flying in the air showering an old camper van that sat in front of him, for there in front sat several news vans and the Aurors own forensics team witch he could see moving in and out the now run down packing factory.

Turning the key the bike stopped and he kicked out the stand letting it dig slightly into the semi soft ground, slowly he leaned it and slung his leg over the seat. Undoing the strap to the helmet he brushed his hair from his eyes as he hung it on the handle bars, slipping off his sun glasses he placed them into his breast pocket for later use. His hand moved to his wand running over the decorated leather that held it against his leg as he began to move toward the plant. Keeping his head down he managed to get past the reporters that hung around like flies around a honey jar. He moved into the plant several Forensics men noticed him, but he showed them his badge and they let him pass not even challenge him.

“Got to talk to Ron about tightening security” he thought as he moved carefully threw the plant each step he took he scanned the area first not seeing any thing that was significant, he watched as two men stood talking “Hey, get back to work” he shouted and they quickly ran off he hoped back to work and not to slack of again, he shook his head as he moved away.

“Things have changed” he thought heading for an old lift that two Auror’s stood in front of, moving forward one raised his hand placing it against his chest to stop him. With a smirk he lifted his badge from where it hung around his neck on its sliver chain and the man nodded and moved his hand back, letting him past as he tucked the badge back into his shirt .

Stepping onto the wooden lift he wondered just how Harry had managed to get so many down to search as he heard the wood creak as it began to descend into the passage way below, as it grew dim he drew his wand using an illumination spell it lit up the small lift enough for him to see the approaching bottom and he braced himself as it jolted to a stop.

Stepping out he looked around to see if he could tell how many there had been and how far ahead they had got down the passageways. As he stood something gave him a sense of intrigue as if some thing lay down those passages that would change his life, he hook of the feeling putting it down to the damp air and close quarters he found him self in and focused on the job at hand.

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