Friendship's Treasures

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A tale of friendship between two friends. One leaves and the other is left to contemplate his future

Submitted: March 07, 2010

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Submitted: March 07, 2010



Friendship’s Treasures
Two inseparable friends, Sam and Jason, met at Sunshine Beach after school on Tuesday. The turbulent wind whipped up their hair and tugged at them. The waves crashed and thundered against the rocks, the foam flowed across the dry sand and the ocean breeze filled the moist air.
‘Hey, Sam, Dad has been promoted and we’re moving. I’m heading to America on Saturday. I won’t be coming back. ’ Jason said.
‘Never coming back?’ Sam asked, almost stunned into silence.
‘I’ll keep in touch with you’ Jason smiled sadly.
‘Why? We’re best friends. You can’t leave me! ’ Sam shouted cutting through the raging wind.
‘I’m sorry, truly sorry. You’ll be my best friend no matter what. Here, remember me.’ Jason held out a key ring with a picture of them together on one side. Inscribed on the other side was an engraving, ‘Best Friends Forever’.
Sam paused for a moment. It was like time had stopped. Sam tried to take everything in but he was too angry and upset.
Without a backward glance, he trod off through the golden sand. Left alone, Jason was just a flotsam in an empty, angry Universe. His best mate had gone!
Years passed… Jason left for America with his dad. Sam decided to forget about his best friend and made some new friends. Soon, Jason was nothing but a wistful dream at the back of his mind.
Twenty five years later, Sam received a call from an unknown stranger.
‘Who’s this?’ Sam asked.
‘An old friend’ the unknown person replied.
‘What do you want?’ Sam demanded.
‘I want to see you again. My name is Jason,’ the familiar voice spoke.
Sam frowned, ‘I don’t know a Ja…’
Sam stopped in the middle of the sentence. A flood of old memories came rushing back. Recollections of past childhood days flashed through his mind like an old newsreel. Sam left his jaw hanging. It had been a very, very long time since he had seen Jason.
‘Hello? Is anyone there?’
‘Is it you Jason?’
‘Hi Sam, it has exactly twenty five years since you left me at Sunshine Beach. Every day I missed you heaps. I missed the feeling of you by my side. Your shadow that was always there by my side. You were always with me - everywhere. Can you visit me?’
Every word dug into Sam’s heart. He felt a pang of guilt for abandoning his best mate.
‘Where? America?’
A moment of silence greeted Sam. Time hung still on strings of pain suspended in midair. Finally, Jason broke the silence, breaking the stillness.
‘I’m at Stanford Hospital. A major car accident …I’ve only ..hours to live. Sam, please come see me one last time’ Jason begged, his breaths irregular and heavy.
‘Wait for me, brother.’
Sam hung up, not knowing those would be the last words he would speak with Jason.
Sam sped to the hospital. But he could never race against time. Time was too fast for him and when he had he reached the sterile smell of the hospital foyer, it was already too late.
He stood outside the door of the room where Jason laid. Sam paused for a long time.
Tears streamed down his cheeks. He sniffed and wiped his tears on his sleeve.
Finally, he entered.
Sam moved towards the bed but he was welcomed with a lifeless body. Jason’s soul had already departed and -gone forever from this world. He was now travelling the distant Seas of Time . Sam dropped to his knees. His own soul was battered with heavy waves of grief. He sobbed and sobbed, his heart crying out for forgiveness.
‘Why?! Why? Oh, why?” His unusually tall and confident frame was wracked with sobs.
All that was left for Sam, kneeling there were tears of regret and memories of a friend lost. These, and this day, would haunt him for the rest of his life. As he faced his own Life’s storms in the future, however, they would be the life buoy to which he would cling.

‘Friendship should be treasured. No distance or time can break the bond of friendship.’ – Jessica Liang

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