Summer - The heat, sweat and flies

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My opinion on summer. Summer can be hot but it also brings sweat, grit and heat. Read!

Submitted: March 12, 2010

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Submitted: March 12, 2010



Baked in an extremely hot oven, I sweat uncontrollably as I squirm in my seat drenched with my odour and heat. In a bus with no air conditioning on the dreaded 43 summer Friday, I wished to return home to get my mouth feasted on the lemony cold of a Sprite ice block. The sun beats down on me as the trip back home from camp transforms into a step towards the fiery heat of hell. My friends beside me groan as they endure the same pain the summer heat brings. One of boys in the back has taken off his sweat drenched shirt but it did not help. As the heat intensifies outside our bus, inside it gets worse. The pain at the back of my head starts to throb and throb. No! My headache is returning. The summer is what I dreaded so much. What a pity! I still have to endure in this baking hot bus for another two hours.


Summer is heat, sweat, flies and headaches. Summer is the season where heat dominates the body. Returning home from camp was the day the temperature at Penrith hit 45 degrees and the journey home was just an exact replica of journeying to the depths of hell. Summer is not just hot, hot, hot! It is much more than that. It includes the church bells ringing in your headaches and the flood of sweaty salty water gushing from the thousand pores over your skin. The intense and boiling heat adds to your list of troubles as you wish you were bathing in the cool and refreshing water by the sea.


Flies cause the most trouble in summer. Swat! Missed it… You try to hit the detestable ugly creature that festers on food but miss. You grumble as you resume on whatever you were doing. I detest flies as they spread their disgusting germs and brushing their grimy feet on things that they should not touch. Swat!


Summer brings long evenings which brings comfort in the night. Summer nights, looking at stars, finally the evening breeze and the calm night sky arrive …


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