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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
it's about a girl who fell in love with a guy. When he left she couldn't do anything but think about him and the things that they did together and the time they spent together.

Submitted: November 21, 2006

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Submitted: November 21, 2006



Day in and day out

I have to face another day and night without you

Each night, I await for your return

Hoping that you'll come back to me

that we'll have another chance to make it right.

Every night,

I lay in your bed

As I lay in your bed

I dream of nothing but you and those days

The days we spent together

The nights we spent laying next to each other

Then one day

You slept on the floor

During this time period

We were seperated

Seperated without touch

Barely a kiss goodnight


Not even a simply, good communication

Each night,

I longed for your touch

Each night,

Your kiss upon my lips.

Each night,

Your warmth that once wrapped my body.

Each night,

Your aroma that swept by me.

And each night,

I long and forever miss the sound,

the feeling of your breathing.

On that one Halloween night,

You once asked me to lay next to you

And I did.

I laid there next to your body

With my arm drapped across your chest

As I laid there,

I stared at you and watched you sleep peacefully

Wondering whatever you seen in me

To be so pretty and beautiful as you said.

Wondering if you actually meant it

Or if you really loved me like you said you did.

I laid there scared and afraid,

That I was going to loose you.

And then this entire week has been so slow and the fear has come. I have not seen you in a week straight. The last time I seen you was the happiest I've been in a few weeks. So!!!

That Thursday,

I came home to see your truck parked.

To find you laying in your bed


I find you laying next to me

I again find your touch against my body

Your arms wrapped around me

Once again I had gotten scared

But this time,

I wasn't just afraid of loosing you

I was scared of getting hurt and lied to

Now, they've all been accomplished

And you chose them

You chose the seperated path

To seperate us apart.

You chose the broken path

To break my heart.

And you chose the darkened path

To hurt me and what we had

You threw away our love and dreams

Not me or us

But the path I chose

Was the lightened path to forgive and forget

I'm willing to give you

Give us a second chance

If your willing

To give me a second chance.



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