Confessions of a teenage drama queen. part 1

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This is a short little snippet out of the thoughts of a drama queen. Particularly about her musings on funerals.

Submitted: May 30, 2009

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Submitted: May 30, 2009



i want every one to cry at my funeral and make a big hullabaloo. The woman will be sobbing and morning my absence wondering how on earth the world will continue on revolving without me... who will provide them with the juicy gossip? Who will be the subject of the gossip now i am gone? The men will all pretend not to be crying because they are men and must appear manly so they may not cry. but on the inside they too will be shedding tears. I will be " The one who got away..." poor gentlemen. you obviously just weren't good enough.
i want black flowers and black party hats and everyone to wear black clothes... like the ladies in the big poofy gowns and shawls ect and men in black suits. and top hats. we mustn't forget the top hats.

and for food every one may eat quiche. i love quiche. i just had to ask my mom how to spell it but when they serve it its not like they give you the spelling of the word. who would have ever thought it started with a Q ??? my goodness. Milk is good too. oh and wine. wine is a terribly romantic drink you may have that as well.

There will be a violin and piano playing music so sweetly sad, your heart will rise up in your chests and move you to such an extreme where the sadness of my death and the music will Create such a cacophony in your head that every one attending will then leave with an inspiration to do something amazing. Write a book perhaps. or choreograph a dance.

i live my life to the extreme. where ever i go i create a wake of drama and fatigue. why shouldn't my funeral show everyone who i truly was?
(well. not EVERYTHING. we don't want to KILL you.)



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