In memory of Jordan Nathaniel Smith, a joyous little boy who will forever have my heart.

One night he called upon your name

Your precious ears did hear

Come with my my little one

To a land where there  are no tears.

I'll keep you safe, just wait and see

As many praise are sent up to me

My son, you're almost here.

You'll walk with me down streets of gold

Stay in my arms, I'll always hold

And never let you go.

Do not be scared my little one

No worries you shall have

For in this new world to come

Lies a joyous, graceful path.

The ones you love might not understand

Their tears will fall and pain they will feel

But my dear son, take my hand

For you are in my wonderous plans

And time will only heal.

My precious son, your time has come

Take my hand, walk with me.

I call upon your precious name

My son, you're finally here.

Submitted: June 12, 2012

© Copyright 2023 jessaleighanne. All rights reserved.

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