Black Shadow Vs. The Architect

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Back story on Sly/Black Shadow

Born to a lower class family, Gordon never had a easy life. His family was full of drug addicts and the future repeated the past. He moved out at 16 and started selling drugs. He kept it up until he was 20 and arrested. The judge gave him a choice, 1 year in prison or work at the local jail. Gordon picked prison, there his cell mate taught him how to cook meth. When Gordon got out, he went to work cooking meth. One of his so call friends told him to put this weird green liquid in the meth. Gordon did and the meth started selling like hotcakes. One night the lab blew up and Gordon was hit with the green stuff. He woke up that night and wondered why he was alive. He went to the local YMCA but couldn't sleep at all. He went to the bathroom and wished he was dead. He punched the wall and his fist went though it. Sly was amazed and confused. He then took a walk down the street and saw a man robbing a girl. He ran up to him and punched him, the man went flying away. The girl said thank you and ran off. He then knew what his knew calling in life was.

Submitted: April 24, 2007

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Submitted: April 24, 2007



"Black Shadow Is Dead"

Sly layed in bed, just done with his meth. Planning to rob one more bank before he quits it all. He gets his suit on and starts to sneak to the bank. As he is about to enter the back door, he hears a gun shot. The bullet goes into his left arm. He looks up and see's a man dressed in a green suit with a gun.

"You must be Black Shadow. Well I think your bank robbing days are over." The Architect

"What the hell are you, some super hero." Black Shadow

"You could say that. I just can't stand people like you." The Architect.

"Well then....catch me if you can." Black Shadow

Black Shadow jumps over a fence into a local yard. The Architect fires one more shot at Black Shadow, before jumping to the ground. Black Shadow hides in some bushes and waits for him. The Architect comes into the yard, and Black Shadow runs at him. The Architect saw him coming and stabs him in the chest. Black Shadow falls to the ground clutching his chest.

"You bastard what do you want?" Black Shadow

"I want to see you dead. That way the town can pay me my money." The Architect

Black Shadow feels something in his pocket. It is a needle of his, that he still has some meth in. He grabs the needle and jabs it into The Architect's leg. He lets all the meth go into The Architect. The Architect falls to the ground and his eyes go to the back of his head. Black Shadow stands up still clutching his chest.

"Don't worry, it won't kill you. It might get you hooked for the rest of your life, but it won't kill you. It looks like you got some money on you, so I would go get some rehab. So leave and never come back or I will make sure you are a meth adict for life. I'm going to go now, but I'm going to take your weapons." Black Shadow

Black Shadow picks up the 9MM and the hunting knife and runs away into the night.

Later that night Black Shadow hid his outfit in the park and went to his friend Jake's house. Jake helped get the bullet out of his arm, and stitch the knife wound.

"So are you going to tell me how this happened? Jake

"Sorry but I can't. Lets just say I had a run in with the law." Sly

"So ummm man, do you have the needle you promised me? I really need that meth." Jake

"Sorry man but it's gone. We need to get clean anyway. I'm tired of being a slave to this crap." Sly

"Fuck man, I needed that shit. You think we can get off this shit, it's our fuckin' lives. It is us, we are fucking adicts for life." Jake

"Jake this is not our lives. We can beat this stuff, I promise we can." Sly

"What if I don't want to? What if I love shootin' shit up in my veins? Now get the fuck out of here." Jake

"Fine man, but your life will never be full until you stop that shit" Sly

Sly left and as he was walking down the street. He heard a gunshot from Jake's house. The cops later came and found Jake dead from a gunshot to the head. He had shot himself dead. Sly went to the park and shot up and then cried to his self.

As Sly was on the bench, The Architect was walking down the street in a haze. He couldn't remember what had happen or where he was. He saw signs saying that there was a park ahead. He needed to sit down or maybe sleep. The park would be the perfect place. Then after sleep he could go after Black Shadow, the bastard that give him meth. How could a person use such a horrible drug. He had arrived at the park and saw a bench up ahead. There sitting on the bench was a person shooting up meth.

"Hey what the hell are you doing, and who are you?" The Architect

"Don't you ever learn, you damn bastard." Sly

"Wait...that voice....BLACK SHADOW" The Architect

"Calm down there, you have no weapon on you. I took them all if you remember."

"Well not all of them...I still have this." The Architect

The Architect pulls out a AK-47 and starts to fire. Sly hides behind a trash can. Sly leans over and fires his 9mm at The Architect but misses.

"Not much of a shot for a villian." The Architect

"I'm not a villian, I'm a good guy." Sly

"Don't make me laugh. Then why have you been robbing banks?" The Architect

"Cause I need money for my drugs. But I'm quitting today. I lost a good friend today." Sly

Sly jumps from the trashcan and fires a bullet at The Architect. The bullet hits The Architect's knee and he falls down. Sly runs up to him.

"I'm sorry, but I have enough to worry about." Sly

"Well go ahead and just kill me." The Architect

"I'm not going to kill you...I'm a good guy" Sly

The Architect passes out on the ground. Sly picks up and carries The Architect to a payphone. Sly calls 911.

"Hello, you need to get down to the Washington Park. There is a man with a gunshot to the knee." Sly

"Ok just stay calm, did you see who shot him." 911

"Yeah. It was Batman." Sly

Sly then runs into the darkness as the ambulance pulls up.


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