War With The World

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This is my new Goth Anthem about dealing with society.

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



War With The World ( New Gothic Anthem)-Lestat Vladislaus



Suicide, Depression, Murder; we are at war with the world. Our society is trying to turn against us. War broke out and all hell broke loose...


(Verse 1)

The day the world will end before our eyes

That’s the day we end our pathetic lives.

This is no democracy.

The world is filled with hypocrisy,

To hell with the economy

To hell with the government.

I don’t believe in human rights.


I’m a disgrace to the human race

I’m a disappointment to my family.

I’m a bad influence to the young minds of America.

I’m the nuclear bomb of society.

I’m at war with the world

That ain’t ever going to change.

I’m at war with the war in this day age



All we want to is to fit in this society ,but we are mistreated like a disease..


(Verse 2)

We are the outcast that have been pushed around

So bring out the guns and bombs

We’ll show them we don’t take it from anyone



Our life is a drag

We’re treated like fags

We don’t fit in with your kind of people

Protesters at my door

Wanting some more

I’m at war with the world

All my hate and my rage

I’m war with the world

Like a rat in a cage



All these followers, believers, and church goers ask me do I believe in Heaven or Hell

I say I don’t know I’m not a religious person...


(verse 3)

We believe in what is real and who we want to believe in

I’m no saint

I don’t want to confess my sins

I don’t need prayers

I don’t you to feel sorry for me



Burn all crucifixes and set ablaze to the churches.

when we look up to the steeples

we hear the screaming of all god’s people

We are against all humanity

We are at war with the world

We ain’t no saints

We ain’t perfect

We’re just sinners who are at war with the world



When I die I want to be buried in all black and I don’t want anyone to cry at my funeral.I’m not dead just moved to another life...


(Verse 4)

Death is the only way out from the pain we’re facing

Slit your wrist or cut your throat

ending your life is the angel of death’s vote

We’ll all cry red when we’re all dead

We’ll make earth our new bed


Now I close my eyes and sleep

I have no soul for you to keep

This world will understand when I’m dead

I pulled the trigger to the gun that’s at my head

This anthem will help those who have been abused

I wrote this song for all those being used.



Well my children and my followers this anthem will be your ticket to freedom if you want to stand up for what you believe in. Take my advice and always be true and don’t let people tell you what to do...


© Copyright 2018 Jesse Norman. All rights reserved.

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