Look Into My Eyes-Jessey Mac

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Look into my eyes is about how my boyfriend is blind to how everything has effected me and how it makes me feel.

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011




Look into my eyes

I know you see I'm alive

but look past this

look past my disguise

and the smile on my face

you say you can see right through

then how can you be so blind

put your hand over my heart

can't you feel that

its struggling to beat

look into my eyes

how can you not see

the sadness beneath the veil

all I wanna do is make you happy

but I'm barely happy myself

don't you see that I'm dying

for you to make me feel alive

to show me all of your love

and not be so closed off

you know you're the only one I have

look into my eyes

look past the wall I've built

see my damaged heart

if you love me repair it

so we can go back to the start

your the only one who can

bring us together again

get rid of this blackness I'm in

look into my eyes

can't you see

I'm waiting for you.

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