love's true story

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it's about a old couple looking back on how they got together

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



Love's true story

It was 25 years today that me and Tyler met and oh how wonderful it was. We where two completely opposite people that came together by fate. I remember how it happened as if it were only yesterday. It honestly didn't feel as though 25 years has passed because i still love the same man as much as i did when i first met my one and only soul mate.

It was a warm day in may i think and i was still in high school. I was the steroetypical blonde cheerleader who had it all and at that time didn't even know it. We were both 17 and we went to the same school which was at the time quite popular. We were average British teenagers at the time. I,not to sound big headed was the popular and he was the sweet guy in the background who was there for me the whole time. I was for ages going out with the soccer captain and he was my best friend since primary. That eventful day in may i got into a particularly bad fight with him because i found out he was lying and going and doing stuff behind my back. So typical. I know but i was still wounded and went to seek my best friend who i could count on to make me laugh when i was down Tyler. I hadn't been talking to him alot since i got my boyfriend but now i realised he was the only person i wanted to talk to not those fake friends i later to came to find out about. I did eventually find him with a group of his friends in the dinnerhall. I went up to him and said simply ' Hey Tyler i know we haven't spoken in a while but i need to speak to you in private now. Please? It's super important.' Of course he said yes being the amazing person he is.

I told him about my fight and sobbed into his clothes. He comforted me with the sweet nerdy way he threatened to fight him. Oh how i had been a fool not to be hanging out with him and his friends which had definately in a secret way also become mine. After our conversation i felt better and with a clear head for the first time in ages i approched my idiot of a boyfriend and turned around and said to him in front of all his friends that we were through. He acted as though he didn't care so i walked off feeling enpowered by my braveness.

I decided as the bell rang to end school that later i would text Tyler and ask him to hang out. I got on to the school bus and sighed as a crowd of people flocked around me asking if the rumours were true and who dumped who. I replied they were true and it was me who broke it off. They all called me crazy saying he was the hottest guy in school. These narrow minded questions kept getting fired at me the whole ride home so it felt as though it was an eternity before i got home. I placed my phone on charge and texted Tyler asking him to come hang out and do something fun. He text back that he would be round for 4 and i should be ready to go out when he got there. This more then certainly captured my interest. So i got ready and waited for him to show up. He came as promised and i invited him in but he insisted we went out straight away. So needing a good time followed this boy i had so much trust in. I got into his car and he drove on. I asked him where we were going giggling like a little school girl like i used too. He just said three words it's a susprise. I laughed hard knowing that where ever were going it was certainly going to be fun because i was with him and not once had we ever fell out or even fought.

Suddenly the car stopped and he jumped out the car racing round to get the door before i could open it. He always did cute little things like that,that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. As i stepped out i hugged him and thanked him for bringing me here. It was bowling. As kids we were always bowling and i had so many fond memories at this specific one. We stepped up to the door which yet again he held open for me and it was here i started to realise how much of a true gentlemen he is. Then i felt something else which i couldn't put my finger on. Ignoring the strange feeling me and Tyler stepped inside side by side laughing at the silence finding it funny how after all this time he still knew what i liked. I exchanged my shoes as he got us the lane and i knew instantly that for the first time in a while i wouldn't have to fake who i am but be myself and not be judged. He was clearly better then me because it had been a while since i last went bowling as my friends don't seem to like it. I was truely having the good time i needed. The thing was that strange feeling had come back much stronger this time and i'm sure he could sense it this time which made me feel embrassed for no particular reason. I blushed and he laughed his deep laugh and said 'Hey, why are you blushing is it because i'm beating you bad?' I laughed starring at his dark chocolately brown eyes which had always mesmerised me. Oh how i always had admired those eyes. He used to tell me all the time they were nothing special and how my blue eyes reminded him of the bright blue sky in summer. All these memories coming back brought secret tears of joy to my eyes which i wiped away so he wouldn't notice.

The game did unfortunately end and i was sad as usual when mine and Tyler's time was up. It was at least half five which meant my family would be eating right now without me. That's when Tyler said'You look hungry lets get something to eat. My treat.' I smiled sincerely at him. Yet again he just showed how he is just amazing and sweet. I replied ok and we set off. Out of the blue after we had left the bowling place he pushed me playfully so i pushed back not wanting to look weak. Again we laughed. Whenever we were together back then we always laughed. We arrived at the closest food place and he grabbed the door and again i thanked him and i got a table as he went to order for the both of us. I didn't even have to tell him what i want he would already know. We certainly knew each other inside and out. He came back with the food and i told him that i would pay him back but he told me to forget about it. We sat there joking and eating our food. If i wasn't cheered up before i definately was now. Tyler wasn't just a friend he was my best friend our i would have even gone as far as calling him a brother at that time. I finished eating my food and i sat there watching him eat. He was so goofy even when he tried to be serious. He did some time later finish eating and we set off to retrieve Tyler's car. We were walking in silence and that strange feeling was bugging me now. The car was found and Tyler said he would drop me off at home so i jumped in wanting to make our time together last.

The car ride home was strangely quiet. I wondered what he was thinking. We arrived at my house pretty quick and of course he gets the door for me but this time i didn't thank him because the strange feeling had basically taken over my body now and i had no control over my actions. I rose gracefully out the car and hugged him tightly. He hugged me tightly back and i felt like i was at home in his arms. The emotions finally caught up with me and i started sobbing uncontrollably. Tyler looked at me with his big brown eyes and floppy brown hair and he inquired as to why i was crying he thought it was a good time. I told him it was the best time ever and that i was more grateful then he could ever know. He just gave me that smile that just said thats good but then why are you crying? I looked deep in his eyes and knew this is where i belonged so being a slave to my emotions i decided to take the chance that could destrot everything i loved so much. In this prefect setting i took the plunge and kissed Tyler feeling like i was on cloud nine and then what made me feel even better is he kissed me back. I knew this was so right that it felt like hours before we broke apart. We looked at each other and burst out laughing knowing how each other finally felt. He grabbed my hand and kissed it and walked me to the front door and we kissed goodbye. My heart breaking as i stepped inside.

Prom was soon and as i stepped inside i also thought of people's reactions if we went together which i hope we were after what happened outside. This certainly changed our relationship. The next day he asked me out and of course i screamed yes and kissed his cheek. I was constantly blushing that day. The rumours did spread and i didn't deny them because i was sick of trying to be someone i'm not so i also quit cheerleading aswell. As soon as i got home that day i told my parents and they said they knew there was always something extra there. I laughed and went to my room. The day after that went by in a blur but i'll never forget that night. It was 8 at night and i got a text to go to my room and look outside the window. I did wondering what on earth was going on. Tyler was there dressed in a black tux and converse shoes which was typical Tyler fashion. He held up a banner asking me to now go to the front door where he met me. I said'Tyler what is happening?' he put his finger over my lips and then he grabbed my hand and kissed it and replied'This is the spot where we first got together and this is the spot i wanted to ask you will you go to prom with me?' I was utterly impressed and with tears streaming down my face i said yes. Then he pulled a red rose from his pocket and gave it to me.

Prom did come around we did go together. It was super fun and it was during a slow dance where i knew deep down in my heart that we belonged together forever. After that eventful day things between me and Tyler only got better and our love got stronger. That is how we are here today to celebrate our 25th year of marriage and our love was still getting stronger and stronger by the minute and this is to me a prom everyday and i'm so glad that i did become a slave to my emotions because if i hadn't none of this would have happened. I'm telling my story to show that true love can exist between anyone and to never ever give up on love!!


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