I don't know who I am

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Submitted: April 28, 2010

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Submitted: April 28, 2010



I don't know who I am
in the indolence of my Youth
to sounds of old Wisdom's
endless drone.
If all be nought but dross
in the sadness of Identity's loss,
may vanquishable Impatience
perish by the fires of the Phoenix
to be born anew
from the seas' tranquil blue.

In that calm embrace,
Anger will be purified
by the sound of Laughter's joy.
Whilst running through
the diasporas of each bloodstained impurity,
Pride wil march
into ceaseless time
to heal Youth's grevious crime.

I will live by old virtues
as knowledge will be mine.
No imperious idiocies,
no inimical accusations
of a twisted notion, motion or devotion
to a God you don't know is there.

So underneath Day's azure eyes,
the confusement of Youth will lie.
I will be free of Pain's lifeless destiny
as serpents interlace
around his viable presence
by the Sun's new iridescence,
releasing those cursed, cirticuous vines
in a world that's free
but more importantly Me.

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