''Love Struck''

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Love struck is the name, and this thought was driving me in-sane, so I let it out on a piece of paper. this is what it turned out to be................................

Submitted: July 13, 2008

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Submitted: July 13, 2008



Used being on my own, Planning to stay alone. until one day I heard the phone and it was ''him'' saying ''are you busy, or can you come with me'' I said YES and two weeks later  who would've have guessed I'd be Love Struck__ All alone. I felt Stuck__on my own. You never thought you'd get caught, but I heard about you and her, and I kicked you out, now I feel better. but it was still Striking. Doesn't Love Suck? takin' my pain in vain 'cause I was Love Struck.  You still try to get back to me, and you walk by and see if I look, but I dont, you aint off the hook, so we wont be ''Just Friends'' 'cause you'd try to get closer to me, but OH, NO, I don't think so.  You don't even care if  I'm hurt, cause in the beginning were always were the bigger flirt.

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