Finding my way back to him...

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She was born in a small city and He was her best friend but the friendship grew to profound Love and passion, But he's been taken away from her and she's found something he left her and now she's determent to reclaim what's hers and bring their dying love back to Life.

Submitted: November 30, 2012

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Submitted: November 30, 2012




Jessica Jean Francois

Monday, November 19, 2012

Finding my way back to him


The sun blazing down on my back

The shimmery light and hotness of the sun penetrating through my clothes and reaching my bare skin


Sweat gliding down from my forehead to my eyes causing me to squint unstoppably but I eventually manage to ignore its saltiness and its composer causing my eyes to sting


All this doesn't matter because I know I will find him, and when I do I'll never let him go as easily as I surrendered last time because once I taste the misery and how I miss him I vowed never to let him go without a fight which I'll fight till I die


I have faith in him and trust that he's alright that his going to recognize me when he sees me


The hot rocks underneath the now sensitive  sole of my foot

Despite all this misery and the excruciating pain I still feel the  excitement of the thought of  finding him rising deep down inside me


The air is warm but clean it brushes my hair back from my face my blue silky blouse cling to my stomach from the force of the air


The birds are singing soulful and beautiful peaceful songs from the top of the mountain  where I came from and I can start to get a glimpse of the city underneath the mountain it's beautiful but I don't stop yet


The trees are bright

Green branches are sawing gracefully from one side to the other but there's not much of them in this mountain though it contains its own unique and mysterious beauty


The sky has no trace of cloud

Its pure blue and its brightness collides with the raw yellow and orange colors of the sun which creates a combination a mixture that is beautiful but unberable for my sinsitive skin but I proceeded not wanting ever to stop until I reach my destination


I have this feeling tuging at my heart offering strength peace and hope it also tells me that he's near and I can barelly contain myself I've been waiting for such moment which indured nearly one year


The farther away I get from city I grew in and spent my whole life in until now the nearest I feel to him As though we have a magnetic pull that attaches us together and I can't do anything but let that feeling guide me back where I belong


The sorrow that lingered inside me for so long suddenly starts to fade from the thought of my journey ending happilly


I stopped to contemplate the breathtaking beauty of the wonderful city that lies behind the mountain that separated him and I which I've just cross all that's left is to find him


I opened my only baggage for this journey and withdrew the paper kristy my best friend has given to me from Erick

The person who's responssible of this exciting journey and my heart


The warm and peaceful air now has suddenly become crisp

My feet are sore

I'm dieing of thirst


I looked, catched a glimps of a palm tree right beside me

I sat underneath the tree and dropped close to twenty degrees


I forcefully managed to crack my eyes open to read the directions which would guide me to a place where I'd probably find Erick the one and only love of my life


Even though his family moved I knew  he thought and is probably thinking of me right now

This map was handed to me with every bit of information of how to find him


Now this paper is my only hope of being able to find my soul mate whereever he is right now and if feels as though were so close that I can call out his name and he's be able to hear me


The map had several dots and scriptures that marked where I should've gone and I had done everything I was asked to


I'm sitting underneath the palm tree trying to gather around my thoughts of how to continue what to say once I get there


I suddenly heard a sharp sound of a treen bransh breaking

I jerked my head to the exact direction where I heard the crack and what I saw was enough for me to fall from my lost of  conciousness


There in front of me stood the most beautiful human being I've ever laid eyes on he open his arms

I stood  up and ran in his welcomingly warm embrace


"At last, I found you" I whispered in his ears with tears of joy in my eyes I'm bear footed and I feel calm excited and the happiest I've ever been in my intire life


I found you also, my love

He  said me but in my ears his just sounded like music in my ears and he kissed my tears away

I finally found him and life rear its head out smiling at me


His lips touched mine and suddenly only him and I exists

Life doesn't matter

Nothing matters

I found him and were reunited  

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