What if: A Twist in History - Pearl Harbor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a retelling of the attack on Pearl Harbor - or is it? Read this classic story with a twist!

It was 1941 and the sun was rising and everything was perfect - not. There was a battle going on. A battle between races. The battle was being fought between vampires and werewolves. They are usually two very peaceful races that get along and stay hidden but ever since a werewolf accidentally exposed their being vampires and supernatural the world has been in utter chaos. All of the supernatural have teamed up against the werewolves from ghosts to mummies to demons all because of one little comment to an unfaithful lover. Where we but into the story, the werewolves are planning a bombing on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii - A huge supernatural Stronghold. They plan to do a flyover bombing. Now what you have to understand about the werewolf clan that was nominated to do this speaks no english because they are from Japan.

“???????????????????????? (I picked up some great music from Honolulu)” Said Uyehara Katsuo the captain of the bomb squad. “??????????????????????????????(Use the radio waves to locate us and put us on track to Pearl Harbor.)” He continued. 

“??????(I will right now sir!)” Haruki Hibiki replied quickly in the shy manner that he always does. Haruki located Pearl Harbor on Honolulu and showed Captain Katsuo.

“????(Excellent!)” exclaimed Captain Katsuo slightly altering the course of the plane.

- - -

“What's that on the radar?” Asked Dimitri Buryakov, a Russian vampire brought in for extra help.

“I’m not sure.” Replied Rose Hathorn, an american vampire from Montana who was recruited to the stronghold the summer after she finished highschool. There were five dots rapidly moving towards the base. “Let's call it in.” She suggested 

Dimirti walked over and picked up the phone. He called the information center and didn’t get an answer. “I wonder why they didn’t answer. I’ll try again in a minute” he told Rose, pondering why they didn’t answer.

- - -

The phones were off the hook. The different radar towers and kept calling in five plane. “We should send out a note saying that we recorded the planes and are sending in a team to check it out” Said Artimis Fowell, a irish looking elf who was preparing to go out on that very team that he was talking about.

“The call rush is almost over. There is no point.” pointed out Bryzin Tor, a grumpy centaur. 

“Well the least I can do, is answer one more phone.” Artemis replied, picking up a ringing phone. “Hello, this is the information center how may I help you?”

“Hi! This is radar tower five, we are reporting five planes rapidly approaching.” Dimitri Buryakov said in his thick russian accent. 

“Yes! A few other towers have also called in these planes. Also, this is Dimitri right?”


“I believe you are on the team who is going to fly out to see who they are. Meet us at the landing strip in 5 minutes. Someone will be sent up to cover your position.”  He put down the phone and started his journey to the airstrip.

- - -

The airstrip already had the planes ready and loaded. All they were waiting for was the people to fly them. Dimitri and Artemis Arrived at about the same time as everyone else the only person that was late was Timmy the plane signaler because he was in the bathroom. Artemis debriefed them and they got in their planes, took off, and headed for the oncoming planes. The team was instructed to stay higher in the air to avoid contact with whoever was flying those planes until they figured out who they were.

The planes were equipped with defensive gear for the worst case scenario but they doubted they would need to use them. They had all kinds of stuff from bombs to missiles to guns. Little did they know what was to come next.

Finally, they saw little black dots on the horizon and were instructed to stay in the cloud cover. As they approached, Artemis noticed the markings on the sides of the planes and immediately recognised them to be a Japanese werewolf clans planes. That's when he also noticed what was attached to them. Bombs. So many different shapes and sizes and they were heading straight towards Pearl Harbor. 

“They are Japanese werewolves that have many bombs.” He radioed. “We have to stop them.” Everyone agreed. They came up with a plan and put it into action. Three out of five of the planes turned back to notify the stronghold. It was only Dimitri and Artemis left as they rose in altitude. Their plan was tricky but it's the only thing they got. When they were high enough in altitude, they talked over the plan and set everything up. If they went a second to early or to late the plan would fail. They had one shot and they were determined to make it count.

The planes were a few seconds away from approaching them and they were ready. The second before they were under them, Artemis radioed Dimitri to press the button. He pressed the button and the bomb dropped. It was perfect timing. The bombs they dropped hit the fleet and they saved the stronghold.

Dimitri and Artemis returned to the stronghold as heroes. They stopped a major event that could have killed many people. They saved the stronghold this time but will they be able to save it next time?


Submitted: August 26, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Jessica Kepschull. All rights reserved.

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Jessica Kepschull

Sorry about the question marks! I wrote this on another platform and I used Japanese characters and they didn't transfer over!

Mon, August 26th, 2019 5:10am

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