.Brokenly Saved.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this for English. Part of my project I had to write a poem based off of a subject in the book "Dear John" And this is it.

Submitted: April 11, 2010

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Submitted: April 11, 2010



I hear the explosives all around me,
Unable to be free.

My heart pounding in my chest,
Thinking of what I want best.

My dearest so far away,
Please don't sway.

I love you now, and will until the end,
My dearest, my love,

We are still connected, just look above.
Let your love soar like a blooming dove.

I know the gap is far,
The danger of death approaching at the door,

But I won't fall,
My love's strength beats all.

Though something inside my mind opens ajar.

I feel something in me crumble, as I read your thoughts.
My despair.

My chest begins to ache, and my feet are shackled.
I look up as my dark angel comes, with whip in hand.

Telling me I have to disband.

I feel myself screaming inside my mind as I grab a hold.
Letting the gentle go cold.

Not caring about much as I go through this angry war,
Fighting against my feelings, and this evil world.

I finally make it back with dreadful news,
As someone else close to me slips away,

An ugly whirl inside my body,
my fray.

I come back to you, unsure why.
Only to feel myself drop even more.

Someone you care for as well is slipping.

You have no way of saving him,
Though you never give up.

I can see your love for him is strong,
I now know you weren't wrong.

Our feelings always have to be separate
Never one.

You hold him close,
Praying for a miracle, as tears run down your face,

As we are both torn between two,
Never to be glued.

I suddenly had an idea,
Hoping that my training meant something well,

Not just killing.

I grabbed something that was once precious,
And gave it away,

Hoping I could at least fix your fate.

I heard you fell on your knees as you began to cry in thanks
Not knowing they came from someone who held you dear,
Trying my hardest so you won't fear.

Now, watching from afar,
so far apart.
I see your beauty shining under the moon light, shining under the stars

I turn away, as I walk with my broken fate,
Knowing in the end it will all be okay.
For you are another person I have saved.

© Copyright 2020 Jessica M George. All rights reserved.

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