.Lonesome Trial.

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The one I love is far away, and I have to wait. When you see other couples around you, you tend to feel even more alone than before, and knowing that the one you love is in pain because of you, you feel even more worse than before. Enjoy!!!

Also for those who can't read the pic "Dead in her mind, and cold to the bone. She opened her eyes and saw she was alone."

Submitted: September 27, 2009

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Submitted: September 27, 2009



I sit here,
With tears running down my face,
As I feel alone,
Witnessing love all around me,
While mine is away,
Without any sight,
No trace.

I wrap my heart around you,
Hoping you feel it too.

My love,
My everything.
My darkest dream.

I realize how useless,
How frozen in time I am,
Without you here.

In my dreams Is where I see you.
Cloaking you with my heart.
Protecting you, loving you.
Telling you don't fade.
Even though your all the way over there,
You just a heart beat away.

The warm tears,
Running down my face,

My poisonous defeat.

Knowing your in pain,
With nothing to make it cease.
I cannot help,
Cannot bring you peace.

My despair,
Caused by your pain.
Knowing you burn in your poisonous rain.

Those beautiful tears.

I can hear your soft whispers,
Your crying plea.
Wanting to be free.

I remember,
Standing in the rain.
In your embrace,

Our heart race.

Forgetting the world around us.
Intertwining in a simple kiss,
In perfect bliss.

Your magic words,
That came at me,
In a strike.

My heart skipped a beat,
Hearing your words,

"Will you marry me?"

The ultimate kiss.

My memories are all I have,
Until we get to see each other.
Not knowing if I'll make it.
I try to hold on strongly;
Wont let go,
No falling.

I gently sleep,
Knowing in your heart,
Your right next to me.

Trapping me in your strong embrace.

In my sleep,
I fly to where you are.
Watching over you,
That bright smile.

As I go through this lonesome trial.

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