.Such a Disgrace.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
hmm..Wrote in Oct, 25, 08 enjoy!

Submitted: April 06, 2009

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Submitted: April 06, 2009



My heart screaming in pain
Cant you tell im not okay?

These tears falling down my face
Im falling in my disgrace.

Is it okay that Im scared?
Is it okay that Im what I fear?

Dont leave me here
Lost in my despair

Dont let me fall in my grave
Dont let me die
No more lies

My hearts begins to race
Such a disgrace

My demons beginning to chase me
Dont let them get me!

So afraid, such a disgrace

I give up trying to help
Im tired of trying
Tired of your lieing

You dont even care, you just laugh
As I slip through the crack
Unable to get back.

This world pissing me off
Does no one really understand?

Here let me explain
Maybe then, everyone will get of my case.

Theres constant yelling
So much lieing
No one ever listens
Watch my eyes glisten
Everything I do is never enough
Big whoop, whatever, so what, Im not tough
Everyone is mean to one another
Never forgiving each other
Why even bother?
They dont listen
They dont know what their missing

You say Its okay, It will be alright
Dont even bother trying to lie
Im not buying it anymore
No one cares
But Im not going to complain and,
say Its not fair.

My screams of anger in my head are getting louder
My hearts cry is getting heavier
My agony and grief is getting deeper
Im not a keeper.

I dont care if the world left me
Id be just fine
Ive been alone before
I can do it again
Ill never change
So dont worry
If im full of pain
Drowning in the rain
Ill be okay

Ive tried and tried
Im not going to lie
Most of the time I wish I could just die.

I mean no harm
Dont look at my beat up face

Its such a disgrace

© Copyright 2020 Jessica M George. All rights reserved.

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