Emma The Christmas Elf

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"It was a cold and busy December day at Santa’s workshop in the North Pole! Elf after Elf is hard at work making toys for all the good little girl’s and boys.

There were Dolls, Cars, and Soft Fuzzy Teddy Bears. Plus many other toys the children were hoping for this year.

As fast as each toy was made, Each toy is then wrapped and placed in Santa’s Big Red Sleigh. With Christmas only a few days away, There is one Elf who always helps Santa make sure all the presents are in his sleigh.

This Elf is very special to Santa. Without this Elf, Santa would not be able to keep up with all the gifts and Christmas wishes. Here at the North Pole we call this certain Elf, “The Head Elf”. Her name is Emma.

Emma thinks that Christmas should be every day, not only one day out of the year. “Why can’t we all always spread holiday cheer?.” Asked Emma to Santa.

“Oh Emma, I believe we all feel the same way here.” Said Santa

Emma then looked down at her clipboard with a sad face and said “There is so many more naughty then nice this year.” Santa looked just as sad as Emma. “I believe most of them have lost their Christmas cheer.” Said Santa

That next day….

Now only 2 days until Christmas. Every Elf is hard at work getting the last of the toys made and wrapped. Every Elf drank hot chocolate and ate Christmas cookies as they worked.

After all the toys were made and placed on Santa’s Sleigh, Ever Elf was so tired. So they all decided it was time to hit the hay. Every Elf had to get some rest, Because tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

That next morning……

It is FINALLY Christmas Eve!!!! Everyone is hard at work. Santa is double checking his list, While Emma is helping prep the reindeer for the Big Christmas Eve Flight!!! Emma also had to count every gift to make sure every gift would get delivered tonight!

Later that night…. It was time for Santa’s flight!

As Santa climbed in his Big Red Sleigh, He turned to everyone and said “Thank you all for your hard work, None of this would be possible without you.”

That next morning….

Santa was back at the North Pole. He was drinking hot chocolate while he looked into his magic snow globe. He saw all the happy children and families opening their gifts.

Santa smiled. He knew he and everyone made so many wishes come true this year!!!

“Merry Christmas Santa.” Said Emma “Merry Christmas Emma and to all of you to.” Said Santa"


Submitted: December 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Jessica McCormick. All rights reserved.

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