In a dystopian future, the United States has lost its position of world power and is now the laughingstock of the world. Humiliated, the government vents its rage on its citizens though restriction of economic and personal freedom. Under the guide of controlling excessive population, the government passes the Fertility Controls Act of 2046, which mandates that 5 out of 6 baby boys are to be sterilized at birth. Now 2073, only the "spermies" are allowed to father children. Eduardo Ruiz was the first of the spermies and has fathered eight children. Openly gay, Eddie gets out of the conception business and, along with his husband Dr. Ray Jenson, a retired urologist, they operate an underground organization that reverses vasectomies. The stakes become even higher when Sean, Eddie's oldest son, asks to be reversed, unaware that his girlfriend is an informant. When Ray is arrested, Eddie must make the choice to run or stay and fight alongside the man he loves for freedom and personal choice.

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Prologue (July 12, 2060) Eddie was cussing under his breath as he applied a coat of fresh paint to the garage door. This was his puni... Read Chapter