Death in a nut shell.

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My Outlook on Dying.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



I will never understand death. It happens so quickly for some, someone you love is taken away sometimes without a goodbye, sometimes without warning. Sometimes it’s a long process of letting go, you know it will happen but when? Suddenlythe end is staring you inthe face and you have to say goodbye. There are never any words to describe never seeing their face again, never listening to their voice and never touching them again.

What do you say to someone you love when they die besides “I’ll miss you” of course you will, they will exist no more. It is only in our memories that we see them and remember them fondly and only in our dreams will we touch them again. To die is inevitable; we can’t prolong our absence from the world, if that were the case many people would take a number and wait behind everyone else. The world is but a simple plan for everyone, people plan their way through life, becoming what they want the most, fulfilling every goal they desire, never expecting that life can abruptly end just how it began.

Howcan anyone know what death is like, how can youpredict death?, how can one judge death?when nobody truely knows whatits like to be dead. It will never be a subtle thing, it will never get easier to embrace the death of a loved one or “get over it” so to speak. It just gets moved to the back of your mind as time goes by and you think less and less of the person who is missing.It hurts and more than likely always will, but that’s when you remember the moments that mattered and keep planning for your future, it isn't easy and it takes time but its the way it will be forever.

Jessica L.


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