Life story (not mine)

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I wrote this about one of my best friends
tell me wat you think :)

Submitted: April 09, 2008

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Submitted: April 09, 2008



She sits there alone in complete silence

never wanting to leave

there is a blade calling her name

over & over she hears "come to me Im your friend"

so she gives in she cuts

over & over not stopping

she cuts too deep

she crys not knowing what she should do

she calls me and i can tell what she had done

I started to cry thinking of what could happen too her

I go to my mom ask her to take me

so I got to her house about 45min after her call

I run to her room and I see her there on the floor

with tears still in her eyes

blood all around I fell to the ground knowing she was dead

I cant belive after all the signs and all the cries

and that i never relized what was really going on

I know I could have stopped her if I knew

but I didnt and now that guilt plus the death of my best friend

will hunt me forever.

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