one night to that day

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something that happened to me
its not that good

snuck out to hang with friends when parents fell asleep

after i was there i relized i had to get back home

so i asked for a ride from my friends older brother

frankie so i got in the car and he drove me to a place near some

trees that where no one would stop and see

then he forced his hand down my shirt and i started to cry

he didnt stop he just kept going and not caring about me

before that day he said he loved me and wanteed me to be his

but he took it to far this time he made me get in the back seat

of his car and he laid me down and started to kiss my neck

he took his hand down the side of my body and unzipped my

pants i started to scream but he said no one would hear

so i started to cry and i sat there wondering why he would do this

he said i love you and i said yea rite and he just stared me in the eye

and said why do you say that and i said you wouldnt do this to the one you

love and he said i do love you and im sorry

then he stopped and started to cry and i sat there and decided to

give him a hug i asked him to take me home and he did

but before i got out i said i love you too no matter wat happened

that will never change and he sarted to cry agian and so did i

i got out of the car and climbed in my window and cryed my self to sleep

the next morning i found out that frankie had commited suicide and

i fell to the ground and i couldnt breath he meant soo much to

me though he did try and rape me but he stopped that has to mean

something i thought but then agian maybe not...

this is one of the bad things that happened to me

there are more and ill try and write them to

i still think bout that nite and the day he died and

i still really miss him

now tell me this am i crazy for loving someone

who tried to rape me

Submitted: July 03, 2008

© Copyright 2021 jessica14. All rights reserved.

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