Thought Counts

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Martha has found herself falling down a large tunnel that leads her strait down into the ground. Of course, she becomes unconcious until she wakes up in a strange underground world, where she will learn a life-long lesson.

Submitted: March 04, 2011

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Submitted: March 04, 2011



Thought Counts

Martha awoke to the terrifying sound of cries and screams, as if she was within a nightmare. As she sat up, she realized she was in a room that had no furniture, no colors, no nothing! The walls weren't visible, even close up. Everything was black and white, except something hanging from her ceiling. She rose from her bed, and walked to the colorful strings hanging from the ceiling, which looked like they were make of silk; maybe from a spider web. She began to reach her shivering hands towards the strings on the ceiling. The web started lowering down, until it finally touched her. The web quickly turned the darkest black she had ever seen. Martha began rushing out of her room, hoping the door would lead her somewhere.

The next thing she knew, she was falling down a large tunnel that lead her strait down into the ground! Martha was screaming bloody murder as she fell, until she fainted and her mind had been cleared of all memory before the accident. Martha slowly opened her eyes, as she saw short green men, about 3 feet tall, standing around her. They were bent down, as if observing Martha. One of the green men was holding a notepad, taking notes on everything Martha was doing. The green men had eyes like bugs, short legs, and long arms that stretched all the way down to their knees. Each green man was wearing a dark brown outfit, with something that looked like a fishbowl on each of their heads. Each green man began reaching towards her body until they finally lifted her into the air and began carrying her to a large, blue table where they set her down gently. Then came the worst thing that happened since she had woke up.

Martha began to feel needles piercing into her stomach, and she bolted upwards. Her stomach felt worse now, because she sat up when the needles were still inside her stomach, which cause her skin to rip in some places. Screams were made from Martha, as she didn't care about the needles, but rather getting out of where she was. She began slapping all the 6 green men around her until they pulled their needles out of her stomach. Then she jumped out of her seat and began running to get somewhere; anywhere as long as it wasn't where she was right now. She then realized that it didn't matter where she ran; she couldn't find a way out! Nothing but walls and green men with needles surrounded her until a large door about 10 feet tall began to appear. It suddenly opened, and a large red man about 6 feet tall walked into the room. The door disappeared after the large red man closed it behind him. The red man began to speak. "Daga Nomna Parkie. You are the one." Martha looked at the large red man, as if she were confused. "Where am I?" Martha asked in a quiet, shy voice. " Dlang poi, you are with us. You are safe here. Heid heid heid! You must stay here. Danger is approaching and you are the only one we could use at this very moment," the large red man said. "Well, why did all of those things happen to me? Like when I was in my room and I saw a web? What about when I fell down the tunnel?" Martha asked, still not knowing what to think. "It's hard to explain. We knew you were the one and only human on Earth that we could trust. You seemed the strongest, bravest, fearless one we've seen; even though you ran from the terrors you saw earlier. You didn't know what was happening at that moment. When you know what's happening, you won't be as scared. We had put a microchip inside of you a few years ago when you were sleeping to know where you were at all times. That microchip had special chemicals that would release into your body and cause you to have a dream until we could get you where you are right now. You were dreaming the whole time. You are awake now, but we didn't know you would wake up. We were taking the chemicals out of your stomach that came from the microchip so you would wake up, but we didn't know we had all of the chemicals out. Oh, and to fix those sores in your stomach..." the large red man pulled a small bottle of a drainy, clear-looking substance out of his brown uniform and handed it to Martha. Martha began doing what she thought he wanted her to do with it. "Wait, Martha," he said. "Just use a dab of it on each sore. It goes a long way."

Martha began rubbing the liquid on her sores, and within a second, the sores were gone. "Thank you, sir. Where are we off to, now?" Danga lead her off out of the door that was once again visible. "Oh, and you can call me Danga," he said.

Danga lead her to a spacecraft that was the shape of a boomerang with three blue lights on each wing. He pointed to a seat in the back, which Martha buckled herself into. Danga was still standing now, but he was at the front and holding on to a handle and a wheel. He led the spacecraft off of the ground, into the air now. It was that moment that Martha realized she was underground.

Danga began to fly the spacecraft through many tunnels and intersections. Each tunnel led to something different. Martha had seen Danga pressing all kinds of buttons located at the front with a language on them; maybe the language he had spoke to her previously.Martha saw a button located on her seat with the words Ickla Moscha Heid on it. Heid. She remembered when Danga had used that word. "Press it, Martha! Press it!" she kept telling herself. She began reaching farther and farther until... she pressed it! A clear globe that almost looked like glass appeared around Martha and her seat. "Uh oh, what did I do?" Martha thought. Nothing else happened. "Thank goodness! I thought something was actually going to happen!" Martha thought to herself. Martha began thinking about the word Heid. Danga had used it before, but she never knew what it meant. "Maybe it means safety?" Martha thought.Danga then pulled into one final tunnel. It led to a large area which looked to be a battlefield. "Ooh, exciting!" Martha said out loud. "You don't know what's coming, Martha." Danga said. One side of the field was marked Blaffa Grove, and the other labeled Cha hri woy. "This isn't a battle, is it?" Martha said, with a terrified look on her face. Danga nodded, looking terrified too. "We are Blaffa Grove, meaning Peace Oriented. Our rivals are Cha hri woy, meaning The Stronger Always Wins." Danga once again lead Martha, but this time to their side of the field. Varieties of fighting equipment lay on the ground on each side of the field. "Each side was to choose one final leader to fight against the other. We aren't sure who's fighting for the opposite side, though. You need to prepare for war. It's man against man. The rest watch and don't interfere, like me. I'll be on the sidelines watching you. Good luck, Martha." Danga gave her a necklace that had a peace sign on it. She knew she needed to put it on, so she did so.

Martha prepared for war, putting on heavy equipment and choosing a sword wisely. She heard a large crowd cheering behind her, but didn't feel nervous at all. She saw another creature walk onto the opposite side of the field. He looked just like Danga, except he had large blue bug-looking eyes, instead of black. He also looked more muscular. Martha knew it wasn't about who is stronger, but more about who has the most imagination, and who puts more thought into things. The crowd that was routing for Cha hri woy was cheering "Bretchit! Bretchit!". Maybe that was his name; Martha thought it was.

Bretchit began walking towards the center of the field. He was ready to fight, and so was Martha. They met in the middle of the field, and a referee was standing between Martha and Bretchit. "You are only aloud to use your one sword and shield in game. If you use any other weapon or weapon replacement, you will be disqualified. The first one to pin your opponent down will win, and will earn the respect in all of the underground community. Agreed?" the referee said. "Agreed", both Martha and Bretchit stated.

Bretchit began running towards Martha with his sword, yelling very loudly. Martha knew what she had to do. She dodged him and knocked him down. He jumped right back up and began running at Martha again, this time yelling louder and running faster. Martha put her shield up and blocked the sword, but she did get knocked down. Martha knew what she had to do. She dodged him and knocked him down. He jumped right back up and began running at Martha again, this time yelling louder and running faster. Martha put her shield up and blocked the sword, but she did get knocked down! Martha knocked Bretchit down on the ground with her in a flash, and they both hopped back up immediately after. "Put some thought into this, Martha!" She began thinking to herself again, like the many times she'd done before. She ran up to him with the sword and slit his leg! Bretchit acted like he didn't feel it and again ran up and knocked Martha down. Bretchit took his sword, still standing up, and began pouding on Martha, but she was blocking him every time. She began to slowly loose her strength, and Bretchit pierced his sword right throught Martha's stomach! Martha let out one loud scream, and then she began to weep slowly. She then remembered how important it was for Danga and his group to earn their respect. She then hopped right back up, but the referee allowed a five-minute break to Martha to get things situated. Danga ran over towards Martha. "Martha! Remember? You still have the healing liquid I gave you earlier!!!" Martha just pulled out the liquid and began distributing it all over her large sore from the sword. It healed immediately.

"Come on Martha! You can do it!" Danga shouted, as he ran back to the sidelines.

The referee blew his whistle; it was time to fight once again. Martha remembered that peace was the key to happiness, so she tried not to hurt Bretchit this time. Martha ran up and quickly knocked him down. She began to pile onto him. It worked! Bretchit was getting so weak that he wasn't moving, but rather laying there relaxing. Martha pinned him down, the sword next to his neck. The crowd was cheering, "Kill him Martha! Kill him!" All except Danga. Danga believed in peace and happiness, but in order for that, he knew you needed to respect everyone around you. The only reason Danga wanted to win the fight was so that he would get respect from everyone who lived in the underground world.

Martha still had Bretchit pinned down, and the referee began counting, "One! Two! Three! Martha wins!!!!" All of the crowd began cheering for Martha, even the creatures from the opposite side. Martha never stopped believing in what she did believe in. She never gave up, which led her to success.

Danga immediately ran up to her as she hopped off of Bretchit, and congratulated her for her win. Danga was so glad that he had finally found someone who could defeat the Cha hri woy! After the battle, the Cha hri woy agreed and swore to always treat The Peace Oriented with respect from that point on.

When Martha got settled and took all of her equipment off, Danga flew back to the room that she first woke up in that morning. A ladder suddenly appeared that led to Martha's bedroom, and she began saying her goodbyes and climbing back up. Danga stopped her as she began up the ladder. "If you ever need ANYTHING, you let me know. Just take this. Whenever and wherever you need me, I'll come help you. I might just pop in to visit every once in a while too." Danga handed her a necklace; the same necklace she wore during the battle. "This will help you to remember to always believe in peace, and never give up. Danga winked at her, and she began climbing the ladder to her bedroom. As soon as she reached her bedroom, the ladder and the opening to underground disappeared, and Martha hopped on her bed and lay down. "Martha, where have you been? And where in the world did you get that necklace?" Martha's mom came barging into her room. "I've been sleeping all this time! And my friend gave me this necklace." Martha said. "Oh, okay. Well you better get up so you can help me plant our garden!"Martha got up and went with her mom to plant the garden.

A few days later, Martha fell and scraped her knees and elbows. She reached into her pocket, and there was the healing liquid. She hadn't even put it in her pocket that day. It just happened to be there, and without exposing it to anyone besides herself, she used it and healed her sores once again. From that day forward, she always found her healing liquid in her pocket.



The End

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