A Different Kind of Girl

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This peice of writing describes the life of a pre teen girl who goes threw many obstacles in her complexed life.

Submitted: November 09, 2006

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Submitted: November 09, 2006



"A Different Kind of Girl"




This girl got dreams.

This girl got differences

Yea she got dreams and so many differences.

Dreams no girl would ever dream before.

She was not an ordinary girl.

She was so creative, so spunky, so different.


She wore her hair different.

Her clothes were way out of style.

She hated the mall and shopping.

All she wanted to do was stay home with her horse and dream.

She thought make up was goop to be worn on your face.

Nail polish was nothing more then chemicals on your fingers.


She was just different.

She had no free time.

This her friends did not understand.


This girl was not only different, she had many problems too.

She hated school.

She was not popular.

Her peers made fun of her.

Not descent looking guy ever looked at her.

She worked so hard at her school work to impress her parents that all she did was scream.


Did she want to fix these problems?

Yea she wanted to fix these problems.

But how?

Suicide would be too painful for her and others.

Counseling would be too expensive and time consuming.

What could she do?


She simply turned to the Lord.

She went to mass on Sundays.

She prayed like no girl ever prayed before.

Then all of a sudden one day things got betters.


This girl's dreams started to come into play.

Her grades improved.

She got a boyfriend.

She grew stronger inside and out.


Yea my words are dramatic.

I think they send a good message.

But I am just a speaker and I speak for that girl.

That different, dreaming girl.

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