"When Did I Change"

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When a girl notices the changes that come along with growing up.

Submitted: November 11, 2006

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Submitted: November 11, 2006




"When Did I Change?"




Look at the picture of the little girl.

Smiling with happiness as she always did.

It's so hard to believe it was me.

Short brown curly hair which will always be the same.

The Blueberry dress and pink hat which now have been replaced by all sorts of styles of clothing.

Smooth, plump baby hands are now rough and dry from hours of work in the Barn.

No more little nose, my nose is now larger and adult like.

Today I am a lot stronger; mentally and physically.


Picture books with bright colors have been replaced with sophisticated novels and textbooks.

Dull crayon pictures are now replaced with pictures of horses and other animals.

A little Fisher Price Racer has now been replaced with a Mountaineer Mountain Bike.

Barbie dolls which as a child I loved are now placed in a box in a storage locker.

I was always happy to meet new people.

But now I am hesitant and unsure.


But when did all these changes really take place?

Was it when I stopped wearing dresses to school everyday?

Was it when I started Middle School?

Or perhaps I just started to like new things.

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