All she wanted was her parents' love.


‘’Oh hey, I’m Mr. Jones and I’ll be your 11th grade Theater teacher.’’ Everyone stared blankly. ‘’Nice to see all of you too… well anyways, first off, we are gonna do a little something to get to know each of you and to help you get relaxed around your peers!’’ My heart sank to the floor. I could literally feel it fall. If there was one thing I hated more then anything, it was to get in front of the class and talk. Even if it was only a word or two. I just couldn’t do it. ‘’Well I can tell that I’m not gonna have much of a problem with this class talking! Ha!… okay um who wants to go first?’’ Nobody dared to raise their hand. ‘’Whoa, not everyone at once! Ha! Okay I guess I’ll just pick someone random! Let me go get my roll list!’’ I was literally shaking. And begging God to have mercy on my soul and not make me go first. My eyes darted all over the room. I noticed that I didn’t know anyone in the class. It was only my second year at Briar High School though, and I was very shy, so I didn’t really expect to know anyone. I noticed a girl with an amputated arm and short messy hair sitting by the window. She was really creepy to look at. She kind of gave me chills to be honest. Mr. Jones walked to the front of the room with his list of names, and a huge toothy grin that kind of creeped me out. He looked like a pedophile. ‘’I’m back, I’m back. Hope nobody missed me too much! Ha! Okay lets see who will go first…. Uh, Maddie Henderson! You are the lucky contestant!’’ I let out a sigh of relief then looked around. I had no idea who Maddie Henderson was. To my surprise, the weird girl by the window stood up. When she walked to the front of the room, there was an array of ‘’Ooooh!’’ and ‘’Where is her arm!?’’ and a few rude comments too. ‘’Hellllooooo Maddie! You get to start us off today! Here’s the assignment… You need to explain a deep, personal story that not many people know. It needs to be at least 5 minutes or longer. And when you are done, we will take questions from the class! Ready! Set! GO!’’ Mr. Jones hyper-ness and happiness annoyed me. We all sat there in silence, staring Maddie down for about 3 minutes before she finally spoke. ‘’uh.. Okay. Well here goes nothing.’’ she whispered.  She had a really quiet voice. Thankfully I was sitting in the second row of old, rusty desks so I could hear her pretty well. ‘’It was about 5 years ago.. I woke up at around 9:30 like I always do. I went in the kitchen. My older brother Matthew was sitting at the table eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes. I seen a big bruise on his left arm. I didn’t ask. I knew better then that. I went and grabbed a bowl and spoon then sat down beside him. He must have seen me staring at his bruise because right when I sat down he yelled ‘’What the hell are you looking at? Huh? If I was you, I would wipe that little smirk of your face before mom comes in here and beats the hell out of you .’’ My mom used to hit us. Sometimes with her hand, but mostly with the metal part of her leather belt. My dad used to protect us. He used to yell at her when she hit us. And she would stop, then go to her room and cry. But that was before. My dad left us last year. I don’t know where he is. We havent seen or heard from him since the day he packed his bags and left.  He never even said bye, which I don’t understand because I thought he loved us. But obviously not. I hurried and finished my breakfast then went back upstairs to my tiny room. I pulled out my summer reading book and flipped to page 90 which is where I left off last. I heard stomping and I knew my mom was coming. My heart started racing and I prayed really fast before my door flung open and she stormed over to me. I tried to think of anything I could have possibly done wrong since I had been awake. Nothing. ‘’Give me my damn cigarettes you bastard!’’ I was very confused. ‘’I… I don’t have them?’’ I stuttered.  ‘’HAHA very funny. Your son of a bitch brother snitched on you. If those cigarettes arent in my hand in the next 10 seconds I will shove you out that damn window and say it was an accident.’’ her words stung like bee stings. ‘’Mom, I honestly didn’t take them! I have no idea what you are talking about!’’ I managed to get out through a river of tears that came pouring out of my eyes. ‘’That’s it!’’ she yelled. She jumped on top of my twin sized bed and flung the window opened. I ran. I knew that it was going to be a bad idea, but it was my initial reaction. I ran down the stairs and to the front door. It was locked. I looked behind me and noticed that she wasn’t chasing me like she usually did. I unlocked the 3 bolts as fast as I could then ran as fast as ive ever ran before. I knew for a fact that it was a bad idea, but I couldn’t bare to even think about being thrown out of a two story window onto pavement.  I kept running until I got about 3 blocks away then I stopped. I was out of breath. I just layed on the sidewalk and cried my eyes out. My eyes were burning. My legs were burning. My heart was burning. I felt like I was dying. Before I knew it, my mom whipped around the corner in her red mustang. My heart sank as I tried to stand up and run again. I knew I couldn’t outrun my mother in her mustang. I gave up. She stopped really fast and got out of the car and grabbed me by the arm. She called me a few bad names before shoving me into the passenger seat. She slammed the door. With my finger in it. I screamed bloody murder. Ive never felt pain as bad as that before. Not even the time when she forced me to put my arm on the stove. I looked at my finger, but it wasn’t there. All that was there was blood. Lots of blood. I wished my dad was there more then ever. We whipped into the driveway and she drug me into the house. I knew something bad was about to happen. Honestly, I wish I would’ve just got pushed out the window and died. But no. I had to take the hard way out. She tied me to my bed post. Of course I tried to wiggle free but it was hard because I was so exhausted from running, plus, I was losing feeling in my whole arm. I started feeling dizzy. I remember my brother coming in, screaming and begging my mom to stop. I didn’t exactly know what she was about to do to me, but I knew it wasn’t going to be good, from the look of horror in my brothers eyes. I kept falling in and out of consciousness. I remember opening my eyes at one point and seeing my mom come in with a lighter and a bottle of gasoline. She poured the gasoline all over my body and room. I screamed and screamed and screamed. I begged for her to stop. To give me another chance. But it was too late. I had already excepted the fact that my own mother was about to burn me to death. I stopped screaming and closed my eyes really tight. Begging god to let me be ok. But I knew better. This was the end. She light it up and ran downstairs and got in her mustang and drove away. I wasn’t sure if my brother was still in the house or not, but I prayed that he wasn’t. I had a pretty big room so it took a little over  minute until the fire arrived at my bed. I looked out the open window and knew what I had to do. I wiggled and wiggled and wiggled until I fell out the window. BAM. that’s all I remember. I woke up in a hospital room. I looked around, wondering if I was in heaven or hell. Doctors rushed over to me and told me that everything was gonna be okay. I panicked. I looked around and noticed that I was in a full body cast. The doctors said that they couldn’t save my arm or my hair, but that was the lest of my worries. They told me that most likely I would never be able to walk again. I honestly wished that I was dead. They told me that I would be living with a different family. I started crying and asked were my brother was and if he was ok.. They said that they havent found him or my mom yet. I cried a little more. Day by day I got better and better. After about 3 months I was released to my  new family. It was a young husband and wife who had 2 other foster children that were younger then me. I love them. They are really nice to me. They tell me that they love me every single day, and wouldn’t dare to hit me, I thank god for them everyday. They still havent found my mother or brother yet.I don’t know why im still alive, but I am. And im very, very thankful for it. Thank you for listening. I will take my seat now….’’ the whole class was silent.. Our mouths were open wide. Tears were streaming down half the class’s faces. Mr. Jones didn’t dare say a word. Maddie took her seat and looked around the room, surprised that we were still staring at her. The instant she sat down, the phone rang. Mr. Jones hesitated but then finally answered it after about 5 rings. ‘’uh… hel-hello…?’’ He looked directly at Maddie and his eyes widened. He signaled her to come over and she stood up and calmly walked over to him. He handed her the phone. She looked surprised. ‘’hello….?’’ she said quietly. The whole class was staring. Every one of us saw her eyes widen and her jaw drop to the floor. She turned to the class and whispered, blue eyes gleaming, tears streaming, ‘’it’s my dad.’’

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Oh wow... that was really good! Sometimes the weirdest person in the crowd have the saddest life story. I swear you're really good in writing stories. This one should be a novel too. I'm 100 % sure that people will read it and love it. You have the most interesting story plots. Continue making stories, and thanks for sharing it to us here in Booksie. Really good! :)

Fri, October 19th, 2012 3:31am


Ah thank you very much! I don't know how on earth I think of these plots, but they definitely make interesting stories! :D

Thu, October 18th, 2012 11:20pm


Loved the plot and Maddie! The only contradiction I noticed was her room size. At one point you say she has a tiny room then later she has a big room. I agree with the above comment though, you could turn this into a novel!

Fri, October 19th, 2012 4:30pm


Oh thanks for pointing that out! I always have contradictions in my stories but I never notice them until like months later.

Fri, October 19th, 2012 1:44pm


LYK !!

Sat, October 20th, 2012 1:34am



Fri, October 19th, 2012 10:05pm

KinG WeBStaR

I agree you do awesome stories.
I love your story telling it is always interesting and you have a way to reach hearts with your words.

Future happy writes for you.
Love Da KinG

Fri, October 26th, 2012 4:22am


thank you very, very much!

Sun, October 28th, 2012 3:09pm

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