Metal Girl

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'i'm a mutant'.
Tristan finds out that there is something rather... different about her.

Submitted: March 26, 2012

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Submitted: March 26, 2012




When I was 12 I got in a car accident with my parents. We were heading to New Jersey , for spring break. To see my aunt, and her husband. I was so excited. The huge truck came hammering at our little Toyota . I was in the backseat reading my book. When I noticed what happened I screamed at the top of my tiny lungs. After that I thought I was dead, I just sat there, in the dark of my own little world. It was quiet, and I didn’t see anything. I knew my eyes were open. There was just no light, it was completely dark. When the ambulance got to us, I heard them talking, “This car is pretty totaled,”


‘I don’t think anyone survived,” So I’m dead? I can’t believe it. I sit there. I there them call the police. 


“We have no survivors, and there’s no second car. The car is literally on top of them.” One of the paramedics uttered into the phone.  I didn’t want to be dead, I had to do something, there are still things I want to do!


“Hmm,” the noise escaped my throat louder than I thought. If I was dead, I wouldn’t be able to do that, right? No one heard me, one more time I promised my self, and then I would accept it.


I waited until I heard the paramedic step us next to the car.


“Hmmmmmm,” I held it out longer.


“Hanes, we have a survivor, quick let’s get her out!” Then as if I was brought back to life, the light, returned. I could see. Everything. I looked up, into the face of the man who pulled the rubble off of me.


‘Thank you’ I tried to utter, but all I could say was;


‘hmmmm,” I looked him in the eye.


“I got you sweetie.” He said, I felt so safe, that no one could touch me.


They put me on a stretcher, in the back of the ambulance.


I lay  on the stretcher, not even know what to expect.


I didn’t really want to know what I was to expect.


A broken neck maybe, a broken arm? Something bad, because my parents are dead. I think to myself. So there has to be something wrong with me. They rush me to the hospital. On the way there I dose off. When I wake up I wake up to the sound of the sound of a doctors voice. He was on the phone because I could only  hear one side of the conversation.


“the girl is one of them, she got in a car accident, the car was on top of her, and we have yet to find any trace of injury. She’s clean.”the doctor said.


So nothing happened to me? That’s impossible, if the car was on top of me as they said I shouldn’t be alive, let alone well.


“She’s one of them,” the doctor said. I’m one of whom?


“Look at all the facts, she’s survived a bad car accident, and there are signs of the chemical the government uses in the genetic mutants in her.


‘Genetic mutant’? I’m a mutant.

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