Gun Control

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I wrote this in the 7th grade when the unfortunate event-the sandy hook shooting-occurred. It is a persuasive essay which explains my point of view on the subject. Please note my views may of changed. Image from

Submitted: October 10, 2013

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Submitted: October 10, 2013



  Hushed words and outcries escape the quivering and pale mouths of those who witnessed a horrid event that surely will urge Fox and NBC news reporters to swarm towards the scene like jagged-scaled sharks closing in on a wounded seal whose saturated blood, blatantly wisping along a peaceful current as if it were serving as a guide for all blubber hungry creatures, plays almost seductively on the primitive instincts of the sharks. Some couldn’t contain their emotions of the moment, and shriek, with their frail, numb hands cupped to their mouth in utter confusion and sympathy as an array of bullets spray across the room, compelling others to duck, or leap into the arms of a loved one. The killer’s shadow is casted over the victim, as if the darkness of the shadow was painted on the victim like a stain that has to be carried with him the rest of his life. At least he doesn’t have that much time left to live. The killer’s irises are piercing triangles that show no mercy or feeling towards the lost life he stole in broad daylight. He stoops down slowly, taking in the agony and contortions the victim’s face involuntary twists, and holds the cold weapon that would make anybody else shiver at the touch of its metal, towards another victim. As he begins to faintly press on the spring powered trigger…a square shaped panda leaps from a magenta portal to counterattack the murderer’s bullets, saving them all! This story sounds similar to you, right? You’ve probably heard BEYOND ridiculous scenarios from seventh grade girls trying to prove a point, but most importantly from those who believe that there are legitimate reasons to own an assault weapon. They tell these stories to explain that you need a gun, for some reason that gun just has to be an assault weapon, to protect yourself from robbers, murderers, and centaurs that would do anything to watch television on your 54’ flat screen. The fairy tales they tell sound pretty convincing, and are so intricate and heavily detailed that they are almost believable. Almost. There are subtle mistakes we find within these fabricated stories, such as exaggerating a “little” too far, that remind us that there is no need for assault weapons. They only ground me firmer to my position. Assault weapons should be banned in America.

The second amendment has been thrown around a lot lately, and with all that flinging and slinging, citizens as well as politicians haven’t really gotten the chance to grasp the concept of the perplexing second amendment without being allowed the time to fully analyze it. It reads as (, “Second Amendment”), “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." The meaning of this statement is a he said, she said story. I believe there is more to it than the 2 cookie-cutter versions it has been unfortunately stereo typed with, as I trust you are well aware of. Militia is defined by Merriam-Webster as (, “Militia”), “the whole body of able-bodied male citizens declared by law as being subject to call to military service.” So that means only male citizens that are involved with the militia should own guns? Well, as a start, if that definition was to be broadcasted, a female riot complete with overly hyped emotions and cardboard signs would be generated within minutes. Secondly, 70% of gun shop owners have reported more female gun-buyers compared to previous years (, woman and guns,3), and we would be leaving out a large contributor to gun sales if only male citizens who also happen to be in the militia were the only eligible purchasers of guns, which I doubt anybody would support. With out-dated views, how can we stand by this amendment when it affects 313,914,040 people’s lives (, “U.S population”)?  Even if we were to go by this amendment, if thoroughly looked at, it will show that it never stated that every citizen has the right to bear arms. Although it seems legit and clearly stated, many over look the beginning of the statement because of the fact that there are four words that many against stricter gun laws cling to. Shall not be infringed. Oh, so it does make sense to cut out the rest of the sentence so that it becomes what you want it to mean? This is like if I were to tell someone, “I think you should dye your hair,” and they were to interpret it as, “I think you should die,” and then call it a threat when it was really just an innocent suggestion. Lastly, aren’t nuclear weapons considered arms? So we have already technically gone against one interpretation of the amendment by banning the ownership of nuclear weapons. There is a limit to how much power the average person can be trusted to handle, and I believe when you have an assault weapon, you have gone over that limit.

I believe there is no possible way to fix a problem with the problem. You can’t fix fire with fire, war with war, disease with disease, ignorance with ignorance, or guns with guns. And believe the 30,470 people who were killed in America in 2010 (, “The Gun Toll We’re Ignoring: Suicide”). And those who were killed in 2011. And even those who were killed in 2012. Many of those who are against banning assault weapons may argue that law abiding citizens who wouldn’t have access to assault weapons won’t be able to protect themselves against law breakers who would own the gun illegally. Albeit, the most targeted areas of mass shootings (schools, movie theaters, malls, etc.) already aren’t equipped with assault weapons, and more than half of mass shooters used assault weapons and high capacity magazines (, “Mass Shooters’ Weapons”). Also, out of the 61 mass murders from the last three decades, about 50 of them were obtained legally, and approximately two are unknown (, “Twelve Facts About Guns and Mass Shootings in the United States”). If assault weapons were harder to access, the shooters wouldn’t be able to do as much damage, and the most targeted areas would be equipped with the same, familiar weapons. Seems like my philosophy is starting to make sense.  A place that is generally known for believing the opposite of my philosophy has been found to have the highest assault related deaths (, “Six Facts About, Guns, Violence, and Gun Control). The south. If that belief has already been applied, and failed, why fight for it?

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Whenever I hear that all too familiar phrase, all I can think is, “Oh, so toasters don’t toast toast. Toast toasts toast?” Absurd! Yes, guns do not have minds of their own, and a person controls it, but if that person didn’t have the gun, how easy would it be for him/her to kill another? And if that person didn’t have a gun, he/she probably wouldn’t target a random, innocent, victim over the husband/wife that cheated on him/her or the jail warden who kept him/her locked up for 6 years. Not to say those people deserved to be murdered, just that they at least would have a chance to protect themselves, might have seen it coming, and had relations with the murderer. Murder. It is such a strong word. A word that should bring gruesome images that are eerily similar to a morbid scene in the biggest horror flick of the year. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if America only had an average of 1,000 gun homicides a year, we still would be obligated to lower that rate, and not look at it as only a mere 1,000 deaths, but as 1,000 families broken, 1,000 lugubrious funerals, and 1,000 reasons why we need to take action. But it isn’t only 1,000. The number of emergency department visits for assault is 1.8 million (, “Assault or Homicide”). M-m-m-million. In an almost perfect world, it would be 1.8 hundred thousand. But it isn’t.

Guns. They live in such a bitter sweet existence. Being such useful devises, but used for such violent endeavors. They have subcategories such as, shotguns, rifles, and handguns. These tools are great to catch a deer or two, or to let loose at a shooting range. Although the cousin of those guns, assault weapons, were made for one purpose and one purpose only. Assault. Its name is a dead giveaway, with the world assault screaming in a vehement way. Yet, we choose to ignore it, turning our heads from those who need us, screeching and clawing and wailing for our attention. The second amendment supports the ban on assault weapons, gun violence can’t fix gun violence, and if a murderer couldn’t get a destructive weapon, there would be a significant decrease in deaths.  Owning a trophy gun to impress your poker pals isn’t a valid reason to allow assault weapons to get into the hands of murderers, or soon-to-be murderers. A gun for a human life is a more than a fair trade.





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