Rivera Stories

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Rivera is married and enjoying life. Is everything going to be okay? Find out in the last story!!!

Submitted: May 14, 2015

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Submitted: May 14, 2015



Rivera Stories

Once upon a time their lived Rivera and Glistening Star.  They are deciding on making house for each other.  Rivera is in high spirits with Glistening Star.  Rivera said I love you sweet bee!  Me too said Glistening Star.”

So used the magical flowers and wood to make a house.  It was devastating challenging work.  One day Rivera’s mom came to drop by.  Hi Rivera darling how goes the building for new house said Rivera’s mom.  Oh hi mom it is tough work said Rivera.  We could use some assistance said Glistening Star.”  Maybe we could go to Altantis tell them you need some support said Rivera.”  Yes I will said Rivera’s mom.”

So Rivera’s mom takes her plum unicorn to Alantis.  On the way there she see’s a big fortess barrier blocking from getting to Alantis.  The barrier is a tornado going each direction could harm anyone.  Sparkle mom uses magical power to float through it.  Intruder Alert entered Atlantis said the villagers.

Sparkle mom said no its okay I mean no harm."  Oh I see then why have you approach us said the villagers,"  Glistening Star sent me to villagers to support with building the new house said Sparkle.  We could but not everyone can come said the villagers.  I truely understand said Sparkle. 

So the villagers got in a airship and had place Sparkle and Plum and some of the villagers in there.  Then flew all the back to where Rivera and Glistening Star live.  As they approached the area they noticed that both of them were exhausted.  Rivera and Glistening Star are deadly ill.  It could be from the intense heat and building a new home.  Lets check them out said Rivera mom.  The chief noticed that they got poisned.  The chief suggested that use the heart pendent that got from the angels. 

Villagers and Sparkle mom try rub heart pendent.  They had lots of people to rub other wise it wouldn’t work.  One angels speak who is this?  We are trying to revive Rivera said villagers. Do have anything to help her said villagers.”  Is she poisned said angels.”  Yes she is said villagers.”  Unfortunately we don’t have anything poisned conditions said angels.  We do know a place that has medicine said angels.  Where please be of assistance to us said villagers.”  This place is home to fairies but you need something protect you said angels.”

Like what said villagers.”  You need to obtain a bubble of protection said Angels.”  Only one person will be able to go said Angels.”  So villagers overlay this to Sparkle.  So do know where bubble of protection is said Sparkle.  This all the information we were provided with said villagers.”  Sparkle Mom goes to look for bubble of protection.

Then in the distance she sees a beatiful fairy.  The fairy is very exotic autumn colors.  She has lots of oranges and red in her wings. That you can see through.  It almost shines when it is in the sun.  The fairy is getting food to take her home land.  Wait said Sparkle mom.”  Hi my name is Orange Blossom.”  What do you need help with said Orange Blossom.  My daughter and her husband are posined said Sparkle mom.”  Oh here is a bubble of protection and stay in the bubble said Orange Blossom.”  Other wise you could get sick said Orange Blossom.”

Then Sparkle mom and Orange Blossom go through the Enchanted Forest.  Everything shines through the forest.  Orange Blossom shows her the way.  Then remote distance she see a huge fairy.  He is in a throne of leaves and vines.  To Sparkle looked something in fairy tale to see the nice kingdom.  He knows each of our gifts and thoughts.  Please help us said Sparkle mom.”  You must take care of this medicine said Lord of All.”  Orange Blossom walks back with Sparkle mom through Enchanted Forest.  To direct her the way back she could get lost.  They see mean creatures and decided to sing pleasent melodies. Then almost back Glowing Paradise Meadows.  The villagers are watching over Rivera and Glistening Star.  Orange Blossom says goodbye and remember lord of all will be watching you all the time.  Sparkle mom uses the herbal medicine on her daughter and Glistening Star.

What happened to us said Rivera.”  Rivera uses her powers to finish building their house.  The house is a tree house. The tree house also sparkles in the Glowing Paradise Meadows.  Then happy live new home built together.


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